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PvE Speed Run Tournament and Draft Special!
xAx StevieBizzle 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 7th Dec 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians! 

I'm Proud to announce the 3rd Official xAllegiancex Tournament in the history of xAllegiancex!!!

A Speed Raid Run Tournament! 

Rules will be Announced as soon as the draft special is over with and teams are figured out so please stay tuned for that as they will be announced on Saturday and finalized right before the start of the tournament Once approved by the Administrative and Leadership team. 

Alright Guys so lets go through the Nuts and Bolts of the Tournament

The Tournament will Consist of 16 Teams. 8 Teams on the EU APAC side and 8 Teams on the NA side. This will be a 16 Team Tournament so the construction will go as 16 - 8 - 4 - 2  So First Round, Quarterfinals, Semi-Finals, and Finals 

Each team will consist of two Administrators that will be picked during the draft special (will be explained below)

Here's Which Raid Each Round Will Consist of Relative to the Speed Run Tournament

1st Round: Crota Hard Mode

Quarter Finals: Vault of Glass Hard Mode Mode

Semi - Finals: Kings Fall Normal Mode

Finals: Kings Fall Hard Mode

So how does the Tournament work? It's simple really. What will happen Is NA Teams will match up against NA teams on one side of the bracket and the EU APAC side will duke it out on the opposite side of the bracket. Each team will go against their fellow opponent and whoever gets the faster time between the team you are playing will advance to the next round of the tournament. For an Example if my Team is facing Koles team in the first round andm y team puts up a 20 minute time on Crota and Kole's puts up a 15 minute time her team would advance to the next round.

So How Will the Administrators of each team be picked?

That is where our Draft Special will come into play! The Draft Special for team to be picked will be on Saturday December 12th at 5pm EST so please plan accordingly for all administrators who are participating in the tournament as any Adminstrator who is not participating in the draft special and is chosen to pick within the draft special then they will be auto drafted which is just a random admin put on that individuals team. All Admins should try to be on their PS4s during this time frame as we would love to have those announcements liveo n the mics in the live podcast room when your making your pick so please be online during this time waiting for a podcast invitation! MEMBERS! I highly recommend watching this as well because as soon as the draft special is over with the teams go live and you can figure out pretty quickly which team you would like to join for this tournament! Plus it should be a lot of fun! 


Ok So for this tournament this time around we're upping the ante a bit and giving away a bitm ore GUAPO for cash for teams 

So the Winner of each team will get $60 in PSN Credit! (If International will be able to give you credit in different ways such as paypal etc etc)

$60 BONES!  per each person of the winning team? that gives ya a lot of options in the Store! so that should be a nice prize for the winning team! 

Any questions can be posted below and will be answered by the ambassador and Administrative team and i hope to see you all this saturday at 5pm est for the xAllegiancex Draft Special and then the podcast right afterwards!!!

See you guys then! 

12th Dec 2015 Fhaeron
Ah damn, this is at 11PM my time, might not be here.
8th Dec 2015 subfm
So looking forward to this, hope to be able to make the draft
8th Dec 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
Can't wait! It's going to be bigger and better than last time! When drafting the teams are you going to match the admins with others in their division, say for example if you pick Brad would you put him with someone like Kileeath because of time zones? That caused a lot of problems the last couple of times.
Whatever happens, I hope I can make it to the draft special and get into a team. The EU/APAC side's got it this time!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
7th Dec 2015 D2dbx
i want to participate but i wont be next to a ps4 but i have my psn app
7th Dec 2015 Maese125
aarrrgghhh, I am away at a reunion do on Saturday so cannot attend :(
7th Dec 2015 dabadazz
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