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MotM and AotM Announced for October!
xAx StevieBizzle 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 22nd Nov 2015
Hello xAx Guardians,

Well It's that time to officially announce those said individuals that were the Admin and Members of the Month for October in xAllegiancex! First up Admin of the Month!

Admin of the Month Winner in October: GENERAL_ZOD_010

This is the second month in a row Zod has earned this award and has since been promoted into a new role within the community as an NA Ambassador to help with the expanded growth of this portion of the community! Zod did so many things to earn this awesome award for the second time with his helping hand to the community in training an advanced runs, his aggressive recruiting nature within the recruitment contest then selflessly pulling himself out for more members to have a chance at winning those said prizes. His helping hand in all aspects of the community did not go unnoticed and with his full month of administrative commitment in october he has rightfully earned this award for that said month. Unfortunately he is no longer eligible for the award being an Ambassador but im sure he would trade that said eligibility for his new role in the community

Member of the Month Winner in October: Pituke

The Members of xAllegiancex have voted and they have spoken as the clear cut winner for the Member of the Month winner in October is Pituke! Pituke was actually an administrator candidate to move up to our european division however due to commitment issues this was never put to fruition. However i'm glad the community realizes how special this individual is to helping, his skill in runs is impeccable and here's here for each and every xAllegiancex Guardian that graces this community. awesome accomplisment for an awesome guy! 

The proper awards are in the works to get to these guys for the winners privately as well as the official podcast is open to both AotM and MotM until the new AotM and MotM is announced! however Zod's already a co-host so thats that haha.

Anyways xAllegiancex lets give a proud congratulatiosn to these two individuals! 

congrats on the awards for the month you guys both deserve it! 

25th Nov 2015 northernlight23
congrats guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25th Nov 2015 Maese125
Gratz guys
23rd Nov 2015 Chris24757700
well done guys good work…
23rd Nov 2015 ypk2909
well done guys!
23rd Nov 2015 OopsHeDidIt
Congratz to both of you!!!
23rd Nov 2015 indy4life765
Both are great clan mates and this is a well earned award for both.
23rd Nov 2015 Rich00p (Banned)
well done guys, well deserved
23rd Nov 2015 PS4 Khrounos
Congrats guys!
22nd Nov 2015 Korgster
*raises the roof*
22nd Nov 2015 Wordell1
Congrats guys!
22nd Nov 2015 JonnySov
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