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PS4 Davejhill1 12:26 AM
come jump in and have some anthem fun in 8 hours
PS4 Dexprozius 22nd Feb
Challenge of Elders is the revamped prison of elders content
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Despite that incredibly detailed description, I still can’t remember what elders are. What a casual I’ve become lol
xAx Rusty_rie 22nd Feb
It’s an epic battle between really old people.... I think it include weapons like walking sticks and throwing shade at going people
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Remind me what challenge of elders is again?
xAx wheels68x 22nd Feb
3 and a half hours until a Challenge of Elders event. One seat open. Come get some D1 in your life
PS4 muskidinho04 21st Feb
Anyone want to help me finish out the forsaken campaign stuck on the dreaming City
XB1 LIOJames93 21st Feb
Anyone want to do speedruns with me? I will do strikes or raids
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
Apex Event tonight at 7pm est come join me to try the game for the first time or to continue to play an awesome BR, or just to get to know me!
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
its real simple. just hit us up and we'll give you a link
PS4 RJ_Crooks 21st Feb
Thanks Biz. I should prob figure out how to use it first
xAx StevieBizzle 20th Feb
Crooks if you want discord access just ping an ambassador I might be delayed in my responses if you wait for me
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
I must be getting old. I never understood discord
PS4 kristophmarauder 20th Feb
Everyone’s on discord.
PS4 Zarcarium 20th Feb
Most people use Discord instead.
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
Is there really nothing in the chat since Feb 17th?
PS4 rabbi10 17th Feb
C’mon, peeps, let’s get some asses in the seats for Crota tonight! You will not believe how fun that shit is! http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/83181/1
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Ambassador Recap and Some Changes Being Made
xAx StevieBizzle 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Nov 2015
Hello xAx Guardians!

This past Ambassador Recap meeting came with a few results that will effect the entire community in which we believe as a leadership team is for the better! so lets get into some of the changes shall we! 

- Effective Immediately there is a better color coding system now in place that will identify specific events on the calendar that the color can easily catch your eye on what type of event it is. Details of which color is what are located here -->  http://www.xallegiancex.c ... ule-color-coding-58j

- There is now an option in xAllegiancex Official Crucible events of if you would like to be Ranked in your Crucible Run or Unrankedi n your crucible run. What this means is basically right before the official run the administrator of that cruicble event will run down the list of if that individual would like for this to be a ranked run for them or an unranked run. if you choose ranked run the xAx PvP ranking system will apply throughout the entire run. If you choose unranked it means none of your statistics will count toward the xAx PvP Ranking system through the whole run. CHOOSE WISELY, because once choosing unranked and if you went above 1.5 k/d 5 times in a row which would of given you 5 points IT WON'T COUNT. so its up to you before the run on how you would like to run the event

- Effective Immediately Administrators putting up HARDCORE HM runs will be REQUIRED to put up one open event up on the calendar that is a 6 man fireteam that is congruent with that said HARDCORE Posting. therefore if 3 HARDCORE posting are up by a said Administrator they would also have to post up 3 open events within that week. This has been implemented to keep the balance of events fair for every person within the community. ALSO effective immediately Administrators are only allowed to post at a max of 7 days ahead within the calendar. This is to make sure we don't have an issue with capping the calendar due to repeat events on that calendar.

-  xAllegiancex Administrators will now be required to attend one admin only training run per month to refine there own skills and put them in unfamiliar places to refine their skills in every aspect of the game to better help you the members! this is a great tool to make sure our admins are to the best of their abilities of helping you through your runs! these training events for admins only will begin next week in which every admin only needs to attend one per month. 

Thats pretty much all the changes folks as we continue to add to the bricks of the foundation here i believe all the changes are more progression to this already great community! thanks so much for everyone being awesome and make sure to stay that way! 

16th Nov 2015 ypk2909
Love the a question though...when you say training, what does it include?
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15th Nov 2015 FCsmuts
Great changes.
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