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NA Central NA West go Through Massive Expansion
xAx StevieBizzle 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 3rd Nov 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians,

Well i have to say it has been a very busy day today and i have some major new involving two of our NA Divisions. first and foremost everyone did a great job with our recruitment contest and with that being said the recruitment contest brough in a TON of members particularly in the NA Central Division as well as the NA West Division. So as i stared at these divisions i told myself. We need a Massive expansion on both of these divisions and scale them down to make them more manageable therefore i have decided to break down each of these divisions into three new divisions each! What do i mean by that? Let me Show you below 

xAllegiancex NA West will now be the following three divisions:

  xAllegiancex Canada West Bungie Page - Home of all xAllegiancex Members who Live in Canada that are in PST and MT time zone

xAllegiancex US Mountain Bungie Page - Home of Anyone Living in the US Mountain Time Zone

xAllegiancex US West Bungie Page - Home of Anyone living in the US in PST Time Zone

As for xAllegiancex NA Central I will need to explain the splits with a map 

Ok here we go, so we see the central time zone listed above. Lets pretend for the split ups that the central clock you see is our imaginary line when discussing the central north and south split up

xAllegiancex US CST South Bungie Page - Anybody who resides in the US that is south of Kansas, Missouri and Kentucky will be within this division that is in the Central Standard Time Zone

xAllegiancex US CST North Bungie Page - Anybody who Lives in Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky and Above these three states as well and is within the Central Standard Time Zone will Belong in this division

xAllegiancex Canada CST Bungie Page - Anbody who Resides in Canada and is in Central Time Zone will reside in this division

If you reside in mexico and were apart of the NA Central please transfer to the Main xAllegiancex roster for the time being until we get enough members to create xAllegiancex Mexico, which hopefully will be in the future

As for these transfers i would like to do this in a timely manner for everyone to switch to their appropriate division by the end of November. This is a huge expansion to two very active divisions so i wanted to give you guys plenty of time to transfer to where you need to be. If not transferred to the appropriate division by the end of november you could be vulnerable to cleanout due to being in the wrong division

Exciting times guys as this huge expansion just shows the large amount of growth we have had in the past month and a half. Lets keep xAllegiancex growing as the sky is the limit for this wonderful community!!

4th Nov 2015 Shadowchaser72
16 Divisions.... Holy cow... Time to be a tourist and go visit some Divisions and say Hello, shake hands and Raid, Hehehehe.
4th Nov 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
3rd Nov 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
How many divisions do we have now???
3rd Nov 2015 PS4 EvangelistMK2
Yay I don't have to transfer lol
3rd Nov 2015 CoTerraform
So if you're in the California clan, would you just be switching back to xAx West?
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