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xAllegiancex PvE Restructure and Points System
xAx StevieBizzle 8 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Oct 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians!!

A Lot of Minor changes were discussed in the Ambassador Monthly Meeting and one of the changes that we're discussed and is being immediately implemented is the restructure of our PvE Rankings system. I also would like to dive into how many points you fellow xAx Guardians will earn now in the Kings Fall Hard Mode Raids.

Ok lets touch upon the Kings Fall Hard Mode Raid first. 

In a Kings Fall Hard Mode xAx Official Event the Following Points will be distributed dependent on completion of the Following Bosses:

War Priest: 1 xAx PvE Point

Golgoroth: 2 xAx PvE Points

Daughters: 1 xAx PvE Point

Oryx: 2 xAx PvE Points

So if a full completion occurs you can now earn a total of 6 xAx PvE points compared to Kings Fall Normal where you can earn 4 PvE Points as it is 1 xAx PvE Point per Raid Boss in normal mode.

With this change we looked at our PvE Points system and believed it needed to be expanded as if you do 2-3 hard mode runs in a spand of a week you could techically earn 24 points in one week which could rank you up to our top rank in a span of a month which we believe was way to easy and way to obtainable. Therefore what we have done is we have DOUBLED each ranks PvE Points in which you need to hit in order to earn that said rank: so the following changes have occured to those said ranks.

xAx PvE General: 200 xAx PvE Points

xAx PvE Colonel: 150 xAx PvE Points

xAx PvE Captain: 100 xAx PvE Points

xAx PvE 1st Lieutenant: 50 xAx PvE Points

With these changes we have also created two new ranks that you fellow xAx PvE junkies can obtain which is xAx PvE Admiral as well as xAx PvE Vice-Admiral.

Here are the Points you would have to accrue in order to obtain xAx PvE Admiral and xAx PvE Vice- Admiral.

xAx PvE Admiral: 400 xAx PvE Points

xAx PvE Vice-Admiral: 300 xAx PvE Points

Another changed that has occurred is the best perk these ranks withhold and that is First Day new raid access. The Perk has been transferred from xAx general having this perk to now xAx PvE Admiral having this perk. we have done this because we believe as a leadership team the highest PvE Rank should have the current Best PvE Perk. 

I have also reset Everyone's rank to where they belong relative to these changes. So if you see your rank change it's because it has been adjusted based on the changes to the ranking system ie. if you were a captain and you have 53 points you will now be a 1st lieutenant.

Some exciting changes to the Ranking system and truthfully something you guys can strive to obtain within our ranking structure! Any questions and or comments can be posted below and good luck to those looking to earn their new ranks!

26th Oct 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
Plus there's no perks to being a raid general anymore so like I said I'm not exactly sure why people are getting upset as you have to be an admiral now to get into future raids and first day access so whether it says general captain next to your name I'm disconnected from what the issue is
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26th Oct 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
I think some of you are making a bigger deal of this then it really is. The reset of ranks and putting you appropriately in your new rank based on the new restructure is not a punishment but more of a way to reinvigorate activity from veteran members and have them strive to get more points. It's just like destiny. We were all at 365 damage on our guns and what not but destiny completely reset everything in the second one for everyone to work and achieve something new. Same premises to our ranking system. You guys are taking this as a punishment which is not its intentions and your making it sound like its "work" to play with your fellow clan mates. It's not that hard to obtain the points to get you back to your guys respectful ranks hell for some of you its would only take 2-3 hard mode kf's a week in one month to re achieve the rank you previously had which is very obtainable in my opinion
26th Oct 2015 jdhunter2003
This makes no since to me at all. I worked really hard to reach the rank of PVE General before TTK was even realesed. I know several others that did the same. We didn't make our points and achieve our ranks from the Kings Fall Raid because it wasn't realeased yet. I did countless Prison of Elder events along with every Vault of Glass and Crota's End Raid I could get signed up for only to watch my rank to drop down from General to Captain. Thats two ranks lower. I understand that with TTK and Kings Fall that a new structure might be a good idea but to take away the ranks we spent so much time and effort to reach before the Kings Fall Raid was even available available is just wrong.
25th Oct 2015 OJ-191
Disagree with oldies not being grandfathered in. And I probably don't even have any significant rank.=

anyone who would be grandfathered in earned those points (mostly anyway) in a time when they were harder to obtain. making it perfectly fair IMO. And they still have to earn the points to catch up to the new point tier for their current rank before they can make any further progress.
24th Oct 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
well that and you have the potential to earn 6 points now in one official run, i mean if you attend 5 of these in a month you could earn 30 points easy so its still not difficult to move up the totem poll
24th Oct 2015 PS4 dnbluprints
I understand why you made the changes, but I have to agree with xtank. We could have kept our current ranks and just needed more points for the following rank.
24th Oct 2015 xtank1x
I don't feel current members who put in the time to achieve the status they currently have be demoted. I feel we should be able to keep our current rank and then not achieve the next step until we meet the new point threshold stated in this post. But that is just my opinion.
Like (1) · Comments (4)
24th Oct 2015 Sea_Bee_21
Well, I was Colonel for a day :(
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