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xAx Recruitment Contest Announced!
xAx StevieBizzle 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Sep 2015
Are you guys ready for a Contest?!

I am. I'm looking for some new blood within our community and to kick off the new blood insurgence i believe it would be nice to get EVERYONE involved! 

So here's how the recruitment contest will work, we will have a Contest in which the top 3 individuals with the most recruits from now until the end of October will receive the following prizes! 

1st Place Winner Receives: Exclusive Destiny Pint Glasses Valued at $50 for a 4 Pack

2nd Place Will Receive: Destiny Exclusive Thermos Valued at $40 

3rd Place Will Receive: Destiny Exclusive Carry Back Pack Valued at $15

These are all in the destiny shop and the value of the prizes come to about $100 dollars in total! Awesome right?!

Now for people to qualify for the top 3 they will have to have a MINIMUM of 10 recruits which is essentially 2 recruits per week so i believe that is fair. If say 1st place is Nipperhell with 13 recruits and 2nd place and 3rd place haven't met the minimum of 10 recruits then that first place individual would get ALL THREE PRIZES! you heard me ALL THREE PRIZES if there is only two that qualify then first place would get the first two prizes and the second person would get the third place prize

Tools you can use for recruitment? well i do have a pre made template already created which is located at this link: http://www.xallegiancex.c ... uitment-template-sqn

you can use my template or piggy back off of it and create your own!

there are multiple ways to recruit and here are some common places to get people to join xAllegiancex.

- Bungie.net Forums Clan Recruit Forums
- Clans of Destiny Forums
- Destiny Reddit
- Destiny Tracker
- Destiny LFG
- Tower in Game Recruiting and private PM Messaging

Now i will be competing in this recruitment contest to PUSH YOU GUYS TO THE LIMIT. however if i finish in the top 3 i won't be collecting any of the rewards but i could possibly bump some people out of the top 3 for there rewards so you'll have to be on your toes to compete with the founder

make sure when your recruiting individuals or in your recruitment forums posts to have the individuals joining our community to put in their recruitment application that they heard about xAllegiancex by you, you were the one that recruited them because within there recruitment application there is a section that says "how'd you here about xAllegiancex?" thats where we will be tracking peoples recruits as a leadership team is those applications that are accepted with your name within that section.

A Recruitment Tallier thread will be created within the members only section of our forums to keep track of your progress and where you stand throughout the process of this contest

So guys! Are you ready to help shape the new influx of xAx members?! ARE YOU READY TO WIN SOME PRIZES?! Get out there and start recruiting because the recruitment contest starts......................NOW!!!!

Any questions please post below in regards to anything relative to the contest in general. 

28th Sep 2015 D2dbx
very cool stevie, i like this.
28th Sep 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
OJ got in there quick and took em all. I'm just sitting here in desperation refreshing the page waiting for new ones haha. I've wasted the whole bloody afternoon doing this!
Like (0) · Comments (2)
28th Sep 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
This is ridiculous, You guys are owning the bungie forums lol
Like (0) · Comments (1)
27th Sep 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
You'd better watch out boys I'm in it to win it
27th Sep 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
Like (1) · Comments (0)
27th Sep 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Stevie i believe i am more likely to push you to the limit but lets see ;)
Like (1) · Comments (0)
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