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PS4 Davejhill1 12:26 AM
come jump in and have some anthem fun in 8 hours
PS4 Dexprozius 22nd Feb
Challenge of Elders is the revamped prison of elders content
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Despite that incredibly detailed description, I still can’t remember what elders are. What a casual I’ve become lol
xAx Rusty_rie 22nd Feb
It’s an epic battle between really old people.... I think it include weapons like walking sticks and throwing shade at going people
PS4 Moore-tallica 22nd Feb
Remind me what challenge of elders is again?
xAx wheels68x 22nd Feb
3 and a half hours until a Challenge of Elders event. One seat open. Come get some D1 in your life
PS4 muskidinho04 21st Feb
Anyone want to help me finish out the forsaken campaign stuck on the dreaming City
XB1 LIOJames93 21st Feb
Anyone want to do speedruns with me? I will do strikes or raids
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
Apex Event tonight at 7pm est come join me to try the game for the first time or to continue to play an awesome BR, or just to get to know me!
xAx StevieBizzle 21st Feb
its real simple. just hit us up and we'll give you a link
PS4 RJ_Crooks 21st Feb
Thanks Biz. I should prob figure out how to use it first
xAx StevieBizzle 20th Feb
Crooks if you want discord access just ping an ambassador I might be delayed in my responses if you wait for me
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
I must be getting old. I never understood discord
PS4 kristophmarauder 20th Feb
Everyone’s on discord.
PS4 Zarcarium 20th Feb
Most people use Discord instead.
PS4 RJ_Crooks 20th Feb
Is there really nothing in the chat since Feb 17th?
PS4 rabbi10 17th Feb
C’mon, peeps, let’s get some asses in the seats for Crota tonight! You will not believe how fun that shit is! http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/83181/1
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Over the Past few Days here in xAllegiancex
xAx StevieBizzle 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 26th Sep 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians,

I would like to be completely transparent open and honest with all of the people here within this wonderful community. Over the past few days have been one of the most brutal, stressful, and emotional processes of my gaming life and also has personally effected me because i've invested so much within this community. I spend close to 50-60 hours a week running what you see here and its almost like a second job that i do not get paid for and do voluntarily

With that being said i love what we have built and we do have something special here. we have alos lost a good handful of great members and community administrators as well as an ambassador on the EUAUS side of the pond. 

These individuals have sense created a new community which goes completely against everything shadow has said or done by spewing out his reasons for stepping down because of family personal life andn ot having the time to do it anymore. shadow was a great ambassador but i do believe shadow wanted his own community along with other to run it the way they want a community to be ran and wanted to try building there own community 

there's nothing wrong with this and i encourage anyone who has a connection with these individuals to reach out to them if they would like to join there cause. I hope they succeed and wish them the best in building there new community. It's a TON OF WORK and with him stepping down for personal reasons on the ambassador role im just not quite sure how he will find the time to lead an entire community. As for xAllegiancex?  WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE. The people that do know me here know how much time, effort, blood sweat and tear i've put into this community. they know ive gone through this before with another co-leader who did pretty much did the same thing to me before and we perservered. now shadow has been very respectful in the way he went out and i applaud him for that as in no ways was he a Kravenlore (old co-leader, complete douchebag and immature) while shadow on the other hand was most respectful in everything he did publicly. he did however questioned many things in the background in which we resolved and many times agreed on and moved forward, but it sounds to me he wasnt happy for a long while and spoke with close friends in the administrative team on the side about his dislike of the position of ambassador and why he did not like the position in general and questioned the direction the clan was heading because of his opinions without the respect of all the administrators opinions in which we majority of us agree on before they are past

This by no means is a bash fest on Shadow as he poured alot into this community but more of just explaining to all of you what i truly beieve has happened in this entire situation

since this all happened a few days ago the individuals that left were removed off the site but given guest accesss as a respect for there time and efforts here. instead of taking this respect they created a private message to form communities on the side and use falsified propoganda to entice individuals to join there cause. its unfortunate that this happened but it did and because of this to protect the community any past member that has left will have been stripped of any access from the community. good member or bad, its just to protect us not to be direspectful to those who were great. i feel bad about doing that to some of these guys as a some of them were very good dudes but based on what i've plearned of this PM i just cannot have them take advantage of the tools we've created for this community to benefit there own agendas

I'm here for each an every community member here and i hope everyone sees that that is still here. If you still have questions about this please reach out to me and talk to me one on one and at the end of the day if you still don't believe what i'm saying or who i am as an individual then i would say it might be best for those to move on and try a different community.

xAllegiancex is trying to move forward after the last few days and this will be my final post about what has transpired so we can OFFICIALLY move forward and build xAllegiancex Back to what it was before this happened. I can tell you the NA is in great shape as Isakole has really advanced and positively moved the NA in massive leaps and bounds. it now seems as though that the NA is in the upswing the EUAUS is now in repair mode which i PROMISE you me and the Administrators new and old still here will do everything to get it back to where it needs to be 

thanks everyone and again any concerns about anything that transpired over the past few days can reach out to me or kole directly and privately

thanks so much everyone and carry on killing that big death bat and enjoying the new Destiny Taken King and this wonderful community! 

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