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xAllegiancex Community Update
xAx StevieBizzle 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Sep 2015
Hey Guys,

A Crazy Morning with much turnover and changes occuring with the community.

First and foremost let me address the Administrator turnover the past few days.

First Shadow,

An integral part of keeping the EUAUS side nice and tight for, my goodness 9 months or so? what great effort shown on his part and as we continued to grow the position of ambassador definitely got more and more strenuous. A position in which has massively changed as we've grown to how big we have gotten. With this step down it has influenced many individuals on the EUAUS to follow suit for a multitude of reasons. Primarily being Family first and the roles are now too demanding. I get that, you definitely need to take time out of your gaming life and sometimes out of your personal life to follow the commitments and administrator roll holds and wit that i respect everyone who has decided to step down because of those reasons because i've always been a proponent of family and RL first. 

We wish all the individuals thats have decided to step back down into a members roll with SHADOW the best in now enjoying the perks of being a member and what the community has to offer in that retrospect. 

What does this mean now for the community? Opportunity. I have played with many of you and have already identified a good handful of new candidates i truly believe would be great additions to the admin team! over the next few weeks as you've seen a massive influx of step downs you will see a massive influx of promotions as we've had many waiting in the wings for an opportunity to step into an administrative roll and get there hands on helping the community out in any way shape or form that they can

As for the ambassador roll on the EUAUS side i will temporarily being taking over this side until things settle we get the appropriate numbers and members up to the appropriate positions and were back to where we need to be. any administrators without a head admin will report to me on that side for the time being until new head admins are appropriately identified and promoted within those respectful positions


So a lot of questions around raid roll out right? well let me clear up things first and then move forward on what were doing now with the raid roll out for oryx. 

So how we were originally planning on doing this is how we did raid roll outs in the past. Admin only raid runs to make sure we all knew how to complete it and then rolling it out to the members. in which case when we went through over 7-8 administrators meetings the majority of the Administrative team agreed this is how we should roll it out. therefore thats what we did was admin and raid general runs only however here was the big mistake we made as a leadership team. only allowing head admins to put up the events on the calendar.....probably a very stupid mistake as we underestimated the grind of getting raid ready relative to level. this restricted people from joining these runs and left very few to join. it should of been any admin could set up these private runs however we thought too many events would be posted and they wouldnt fill up in which case we restricted it too much which created the exact opposite problem.

What a fiasco, so we changed it a few days ago and now how it is set up is whichever administrators have officially completed the oryx raid and has the tags of his defeat will send me a screenshot showing this and once we see these emblems they will have access to putting these on the calendar. regardless of how they achieved these tags. We've completely opened it up for people to get it done ASAP. if members would liek to help with admins completing these runs for them to get these tags so they can get the events calendars up im completely open to that lets get these admins completing the runs!!

was the step downs because of this.....no i think the step down of shadow started a domino effect of many admins wanting to step down for a while but kudos to shadow for keeping them together and keeping them in there position as they were loyal to his hard work and dedication. when he messaged the team a few days ago about his intent to step down it started a trickle effect and those holding back to step down for that timeframe now gave them there out to get out of a position that no longer fit them

hopefully this clears up many things guys and please if you have any concerns reach out to either me or Kole. We're here for you guys. over the next month i will be putting all my focus on getting the EUAUS side back to where it needs to be. with all this opportunity members who are looking to be an admin nows there time to shine. now its there time to show how much they can help the community and as they stand out they will appropriately move up the chain

I all care for each and everyone of our community members very much and appreciate as much positive vibes as we can in a time of some slight bumps in the road but xAx will persevere as we always have and continue to grow and go in the right directions

thanks so much to all of you and any administrator reccomendations are welcomed by the community to the leadership team for identification of good talent up the pike

lets keep the comments below positive, if you have concerns you can post them but any negativity will not be tolerated however constructive criticism is welcomed. positivity is most welcomed and if you truly have concerns on anything else you can also PM Myself or kole and i will do my best to help you with the concerns

if anything else would like to be fully explained please reach out in the comments section below and i can fully explain anything i need to relative to any concerns the community has 

thanks guys,


24th Sep 2015 EthanD994
This post is completely different to the post this morning, which branded admins as "selfish" . Can we have a truthful and clear explanation? Or are the issues brought up by the majority of the admins just going to be brushed aside?
Like (2) · Comments (16)
24th Sep 2015 Red_Avenger1
Phil for admin
Like (4) · Comments (3)
24th Sep 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
this comment was made because a disgruntled member without factual information went on extreme negative attack mode and attacked me personally in these comments below and has since been removed....just wanted to clarify the purpose of the news post
24th Sep 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
like i said before i will not tolerate negativity in any way shape or form, if there are concerns about me personally or how im handling things please talk to me one one, one member has already been removed for this based on a direct attack for really no reason.... i want this news post to be a thread of moving forward
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