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The Taken King Raid Roll out for xAx
xAx StevieBizzle 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Sep 2015
Hello fellow xAx guardians!!!

Tick tick tock tick tock, the clock moves closer and hours pass by as we inch our way closer to the taken king and I'm sure with the patch being rolled out today all of you guys are extremely pumped for what TTK has to offer. With that being said there is a new raid on the horizon and with the new raid comes the understanding of how xAllegiancex will roll it out to our members! So that's what I would like to share with the entire community tonight within this news post.

First and foremost let me give you the background to why I came up with the structure before physically giving you it as it has a lot to do with how I started xAllegiancex and why the foundation is the way it is today. 

So back when destiny first came out I rolled with a bunch of guys I rolled with since the beginning of CoD and SOCOM. Very skilled shooters and motivated to get what they needed to get done. However one issue had arisen with destiny and that issue was getting stuff done with your team. The biggest issue was getting into a raid run with 6 guys who knew what they were doing. LFG aggravated the piss out of me as I wanted to play with people I knew but also people that knew what they were doing and I could never get into my buddies raids. So I started xAllegiancex with the mindset of having plent of Chiefs to run events for the Indians to get into. With this in mind I felt that any official raid event that went up on the xAllegiancex calendar members would have the peace of mind that they would officially completely the event regardless of the time it took and the grind it could possibly be which was one of the pivotal pieces of xAllegiancex's growth was people who struggled to get through VoG getting through it for there very first times and being so excited when they did, which helped them bleed and follow the words "loyalty is everything"

With that said and one of these foundational pieces of xAllegiancex being described above, three months into our inception Crotas end was released. At the time xAllegiancex consisted of 80 members with roughly 7-8 active admins and no raid general ranking system to back up the admins through the roll out. We instituted a way to roll it out to the members while trying to keep the integrity of the community intact with what I wanted above. We came up with a solution which was admins running the raids first and once they officially completed them then they could roll out events to the members basically so they could lead them successfully through the run because they knew what they were doing. Long story short this was a big struggle because having 8 admins spread across the world and trying to get everyone all on the same page was extremely difficult which ended up delaying are roll out and created a major issue on the NA side with, at the time having me and the co-founder splitting ways and the NA set extremely backwards. However we recouped and flourished with this break off from hardwork and dedication from many and we moved on.

Then house of wolves came out and we tried the same roll out with better success but 3 man teams and no raid in HOW made it slightly harder for us to roll out everyone because of the time it took with such little fire teams and the repetition of POE quickly got a bit boring for many. Plus when we did officially complete them And put them on the calendar they would fill up so fast members had a hard time getting into these. The concept though wasn't the flaw it was the game mode. 

So looking back at both roll outs for both expansions we decided was our rollout the best way of handling the expansions and there respective raids. After many admin and ambassador meetings the leadership team in xAx has answered with a resounding yes!!! Why you ask? Because this time around based on trial and error from previous runs we feel we can get these things done in a timely and efficient manner to get as many kings fall raid on our calendar and get you guys successfully completing these runs in no time. 

So the question must be what is the roll out??

It's a simple concept really. The day kings fall drops on the taken king events on the calendar for KF raid will be subject to ambassador, head admin, admin, elder, and raid generals only! Yes you heard right we will be doing first day calendar events for these individuals only for the purpose of successfully completing on the leaderships side of xAllegiancex prior to releasing it out to our community for official calendar events that you can sign up for.

Why do it this way you ask??? Because we're doing it for you guys. We're completely eliminating the stressful u organization of a whipped up raid group that doesn't know what there doing an 8-10-12 hour grinds to officially complete runs. By the time we have completed it as an admin team and those individuals start posting events public to you guys these individuals who are leading these runs will have already successfully completed the run either once or multiple times with the leadership team of xAllegiancex giving you the peace of mind that your going into an official raid run with the perceptual mindset that you will be getting it done because someone is leading the run that's already officially completed it successfully.

So here's the inner twineings of how were doing this 

Say day one admin run consists of the following people

Shadow legion

If this fire team officially completed the admin run during there grind then Isakole, shadow, and Stevie, would have access to the calendar to officially setup events for you guys

Let's take another example


If this team completed there admin run then all 6 would then have access to officially setting up kings fall raid runs for all the members of xAllegiancex to attend. The difference between the two examples are in the first example there is three raid generals within that fire team so they do not have access to setting up events however the major perk of being a PVE general is that you get first day raid access with the admins of xAllegiancex for raid run roll outs. But those 3 admins did finish it so they get access to the calendar to setup the events for you guys. The second example all 6 people in that fire team are admins so once that fire team has officially completed the event then all 6 have access to throwing up events for you guys to sign up for

During this time of the grind we will have a constantly running and updated forum showing you guys our progress as well as will be officially streaming our runs on xAllegiancex TV

We are going to keep everyone in the loop on the progress we make and be very thorough with this so you guys know we're grinding away for the community and not just farting around and not caring to get it done. Our goal is for 75% of our leadership team to have access to open events for you guys within a week of the drop so be aware we will be extremely active on trying to complete this so you guys can jump right in

As for the calendar during this process all admins will still be required to put up there minimum of 2 events per week except for head admins ambassadors and myself as we will be in charge of trying to get everyone in the admin side through TTK. That leaves 32 admins giving you guys 64 events per week to still choose from during this time of us grinding it out to get this done. So no worries in terms of the calendar going bare or you guys trying to complete certain things prior to entering the new run

Also I want to make sure if anyone has any questions about this roll out they post below or they reach out to there fellow admins from within there division there associated with. If your unsure of what admins are where there listed in the front of our website

The chain of command is as follows Founder ----> ambassadors ------> head admins -> admins -----> members 

I reiterate this because some members go directly to me for information and that's not how are infrastructural processes work so if it's something I know that needs to follow this order I'll redirect you to this reminder . I want to make sure everyone in the community abides by this structure

We will be also announcing a kickoff show coming very soon to make sure that we answer any questions that people might have about the taken king and everything that has to do with taken king!

So guys that's basically it. This news post is editable so I can edit in things relevant to any loose ends I have forgotten however I believe I've listed it out pretty well and have the utmost confidence that in a weeks time once kings fall has dropped most of us will all have access to giving you guys the chance to jump into the raids with us! Also if you are close to raid general this gives you a nice incentive to try and get there before the 18th!

Cheers everyone and stay tuned for our taken King kickoff show announcement popping up soon!

12th Sep 2015 OJ-191
I appreciate the organisation but I'm also kinda disappointed, figuring out the mechanics is half the fun!

any non-admins wanting to give it a shot on launch? I'd be happy to set things up and run it if we can get 6.
9th Sep 2015 Sea_Bee_21
I definitely appreciate the organization. Sounds like a good plan, to me.
9th Sep 2015 gazhax
sounds good to me Im in no hurry, (Who do I bribe first) :D
9th Sep 2015 PS4 Daarthbader
I'm gonna go count the events lok 64 event a week
Like (1) · Comments (0)
9th Sep 2015 gamefreak22392
do i hear a challenge d2
9th Sep 2015 Wordell1
Sounds great! Let's take down the King!
9th Sep 2015 D2dbx
NA Admins lets for up and defeat Oryx before the EU admins!
Like (4) · Comments (7)
9th Sep 2015 MAJIKHANDS
Thanks for this explanation, Stevie. It sounds great and those of us who went through Crota understand completely why you're doing it this way. Question: how will these initial admin/raid general teams be set up? Will you be putting them together or is it up to admins and generals to organize themselves into teams?
Like (0) · Comments (2)
9th Sep 2015 xRED54x
Sounds good. There will be plenty of time to run these raids. The teach the teacher methods will work just fine. Nice plan Stevie.
9th Sep 2015 Squidge75
Please remember folks this is only for xAx OFFCIAL events there is nothing stopping you grabbing a group of clan mates and running through it yourself! Best get sending those friends invites out!!
Like (5) · Comments (0)
9th Sep 2015 Squidge75
I'll make sure mine are done before the dlc drops so I can level up in the 3 days I have before the raid arrives.
Like (2) · Comments (0)
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