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xAllegiancex NA Ambassador Announced!!
xAx StevieBizzle 25 Comments · Likes · Like · 19th Jul 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians,

Today is a special day on the NA Side as i'm proud to announce the North American side has foudn their new NA Ambassador!

It is my pleasure to proudly introduce Isakole into her new role as North American Ambassador of xAllegiancex!!

In Isakole's 3 months of being apart of xAllegiancex she has gone above and beyond the call of duty to each position she has been in. Whether it was being a member, to being promoted to an Administrator her love for this community and her activity and impact has been nothing short of iimpressive. From creating ab log series within our community to helping create material for weekly Podcasts with one of our fellow Administrators on the UK side, Isakole's willingness to go above and beyond has been not only eye opening but greatly appreciated since she has arrived on the scene. 

Now she steps into her new role as NA Ambassador. A role which i truly believe she will thrive in and continue to provide with love, care, integrity, and proactivity to the cause that we have built since day one within xAx.

For the remainder of July and August Kole will serve as a Co- NA Ambassador aside myself as she gets familiar and comfortable with the role. Administrators can reach out to either of us for now but in September Isakole will be all hands on deck and i will transfer into my founder role which is where i belong where i can continue to grow and expand xAllegiancex in different ways that i currently cannot do holding both the Ambassador role and founder role. 

SO EVERYONE, please give a warm congratulation to your brand new NA Ambassador Isakole!!!!

Congrats! you definitely deserve it!!

26th Jul 2015 CommiePig
This might be a little belated, but congrats Kole! Couldn't think of a more deserving person. Pints of Mac for everyone!
21st Jul 2015 Chobman3
wtg kole!
21st Jul 2015 Sea_Bee_21
Great choice. Congrats, Empress!
21st Jul 2015 killbox2alpha
well done many congratz muffin
21st Jul 2015 RAY_Mister1o
congrats Kole. awsome job
21st Jul 2015 BOYNEZEE
well done Kole, a very active member in the clan, well deserved
20th Jul 2015 Squidge75
Well deserved and congratulations Kole!
20th Jul 2015 ITOR-BOLLOCKOV
Congrats Kole well done.
20th Jul 2015 Dog3760
Great stuff kole! Congratulations.
20th Jul 2015 de_lay
20th Jul 2015 DrCONAJ
Congrats Kole, really deserved and well done for all the hard work you put in!
20th Jul 2015 PS4 Jacob18797
Oh yeah Kole your input into the clan really is incredible. I'll be yelling out muffin in the crucible in your name this week
20th Jul 2015 Red_Avenger1
Congrats kole
19th Jul 2015 rayandval
Congrats kole! Well deserved
19th Jul 2015 MAJIKHANDS
Way to go Kole!
19th Jul 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Well done kole! Gratz
19th Jul 2015 Locutus911
Many congrats Kole!
19th Jul 2015 Cason92
Totally deserved! CONGRATS!
19th Jul 2015 EthanD994
19th Jul 2015 PS4 tomknight_16
Nice work Kole!!! Congrats!!!
19th Jul 2015 padski99
Can't say I am at all surprised. Without wishing to cause any offence to any of our other amazing NA admins, when I heard that we would be getting a new Ambassador I knew that Kole would be the front runner. Congrats Kole, truly deserved. All hail the Empress.
19th Jul 2015 funkybrave
The empress has been officially announced. All hail the muffin
19th Jul 2015 Rudeboy2758
Well done kole great stuff congrats
19th Jul 2015 swordchucks1320
congratulations Isakole!
19th Jul 2015 x_Sigtyr_x
Congrats Isakole!
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