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Tournament Award Winners!!! (This is a bit late)
xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th Jun 2015
Hello fellow xAllegiancex Guardians!

now i know this is long overdue and i'm pretty sure shadow already sent out the results of the speed raid run tournament and just the overall recap of it however today our fellow members got officially paid their rewards!!!

congrats to the following individuals that received a $20 PSN Credit to the PSN Store

- TheLittleMoshi

- Bajor27


- WVsNumber1WR

- Destind2bgr8

- Burkid

These guys killed it in the tournament and i applaud them there efforts and achievements as it was very impressive.

we've learned a lot from that tournament since then and i must say overall xAllegiancex's first tournament was quite a success however we do have to work out a few kinks for future events we dish out in our community

the amount given out to those who earned it has been deducted from the xAllegiancex bank and as you all know our bank runs by the donations of our members! My next priority is to get out all the raid generals grandfathered in T-Shirts as i first need to make them, then get them out to individuals. If you have anything to donate to the cause the larger our bank gets the bigger the prizes we can have relative to future events, contests, as well as other events coming up. I actually am looking to possibly do a recruitment contest here in July and dependent on where the bank is will determine what the prizes will be for this upcoming contest.

thanks again to all who participated in the event! and stay tuned for future events fellas!!


18th Jun 2015 xAx Jacob18797
Congrats team bajor/Majikhands!... even though it's already been said months ago ... They were definitely the favourite in my opinion from the very start.
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