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the NA Side gets some Singapore flavor
xAx StevieBizzle 16 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Jun 2015
Hey Guys,

well were at another weekend and with that weekend leads me to my next announcement relative to an NA Promotion!

even though this individual is in Singapore he will still fall under this branch...for now until we possibly expand moving forward

so lets give a round of applause to our newest admin funkybrave!!

now he's a bit nervous and quite shy however he is extremely skilled in both PvE and PvP. make him feel comfortable guys because i'm looking forward to seeing funky grow in his role and really become one of the best admins we have on this side of our roster!

once again congrats funky!!

you deserve it man!!

15th Jun 2015 MAJIKHANDS
Congrats funky! Feel free to reach out to any of us for help anytime!
14th Jun 2015 Squidge75
Congrats Funky!!
14th Jun 2015 Maese125
14th Jun 2015 Siddy777
Nice Funky always enjoy playing with you (what did i just say).
Like (1) · Comments (0)
14th Jun 2015 Dog3760
Nice one funky! You're gonna be a great admin. Looking forward to getting in some of your events soon.
14th Jun 2015 BOYNEZEE
Congrats funky. Seen your post about setting up events, nice one. Will hopefully get something set up with you soon
14th Jun 2015 leigull
Nice one Funky! Really pleased for you buddy!
14th Jun 2015 Locutus911
Many congrats funky!
14th Jun 2015 funkybrave
thank you for the kind words , I will do my best to better this wonderful community
14th Jun 2015 ITOR-BOLLOCKOV
Congrats Funky well done
14th Jun 2015 CommiePig
Congrats Funky, hope to raid with you
13th Jun 2015 tomknight_16
Congrats Funky!!
13th Jun 2015 xAx Jacob18797
Congrats funky :D
13th Jun 2015 D2dbx
cool funky brave, now lets recruit some more members to fill these raids lmao
13th Jun 2015 DrCONAJ
Well done Funky! Good luck in the role :)
13th Jun 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Congratz Funky! Well deserved!
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