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With another NA Step Down Comes another Promotion!
xAx StevieBizzle 18 Comments · Likes · Like · 8th Jun 2015
Hello fellow xAx Guardians! 

So first and foremost Burkid has stepped down as NA Admin for reasons of no longer interested in Destiny therefore he did not believe he could meet his requirements,

With that being said we needed a new individual to step up to the plate and join our administrative team! therefore i'm proud to introduce a brand new administrator to the NA Administrative team Isakole!!!!

In Her short tenure as an xAx member Isakole has been a budding star for the community, writing awesome blog stories to helping out everyone and anyone within the community that needs it. Her passion for xAllegiancex is Second to none and she is a great asset to our NA Side

so please everyone give a warm and congratulatory welcome to Isakole as the newest NA Central Administrator!!!

Congrats Isakole you deserve it!!!

10th Jun 2015 padski99
The world just got a little brighter
9th Jun 2015 Sea_Bee_21
Great news! Cackles and muffins, what a mix!
Congrats well done.
9th Jun 2015 BOYNEZEE
Shity spell checker. Sorry kole.
9th Jun 2015 BOYNEZEE
Well done mole. Superb choice.
8th Jun 2015 rayandval
Congrats kole!
8th Jun 2015 xAx Jacob18797
Oh yeah way to go Kole if I can summon up the courage I might join you in one of your events.
Like (0) · Comments (4)
8th Jun 2015 gmckrwhite (Banned)
Well done kole, I was gob smacked when you first call us a bunch of pussys but you made me laugh , your a star in the making dude
8th Jun 2015 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Congratz Kole, Will have to have our first game together soon!
8th Jun 2015 SmixNZL
It seems like every time I tea bag someone, they become an admin!!! Congrats!
Like (1) · Comments (1)
8th Jun 2015 tomknight_16
Well done Kole!! I knew it wouldn't be long until this happened!!
8th Jun 2015 CommiePig
Congrats IsaKole
8th Jun 2015 Siddy777
Well done Kole
8th Jun 2015 DrCONAJ
This was absolutely bound to happen sooner or later, I think we can all agree. I remember recruiting Kole, playing the first game with her and that feels like just yesterday! I believe that between you and the current admins on the NA side we are coming closer to having a group to rival UK/EUAUS side!
Like (0) · Comments (2)
8th Jun 2015 killbox2alpha
awsome news muffin many congratz raids will definitly be more grammer coulorfull
8th Jun 2015 Maese125
Gratz Kole!!!
8th Jun 2015 leigull
Congrats Kole! Little bit scared to see you as an admin to be honest, all that power...
Like (1) · Comments (0)
8th Jun 2015 Locutus911
Congrats Kole! Haven't had the pleasure to play online with you but looking forward to it!
Like (0) · Comments (2)
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