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xAx Creates a PvP Ranking System
xAx StevieBizzle 16 Comments · Likes · Like · 18th May 2015
With House of Wolves about to come out I thought it "Hey if Destiny is exapnding there horizons so does the xAllegiancex community" With that being said there's always been a large missing piece to xAllegiancex and that missing piece has been Player vs Player. Therefore one of my goals for House of Wolves was to expand our ranking system and i'm proud to announce, with the help of bouncing ideas of of SHADOW I have successfully done this!!

Introducing the Brand new Crucible Ranking system for xAllegiancex!!!!

The ranking system will consist of 5 different ranks 

- xAx PvP Munifex - Earned when hitting 25 PvP xAx Points and Cannot Be Lost Once Earned

- xAx PvP Avocati - Earned when hitting 50 PvP xAx Points and Cannot be Lost Once Earned

- xAx PvP Centurion - Earned when hitting 75 PvP xAx Points and Cannot be Lost once Earned

- xAx PvP Legionnaire - Earned when hitting 100 PvP Points and Cannot be Lost once Earned

- xAx Praetorian - Earned when hitting 100 PvP Points and 100 PvE Points therefore you would of earned a PvE General and PvP Leggionaire this is the most Elite member rank you can now earn with special perks attached to it 

So How does the system work? The Point system works simply like this. First off the only way to earn xAx PvP Points will be in official PvP xAx events! that could be any PvP option such as Trials of Osiris, Skirmish, Iron Banner, Control, Clash, or any other PvP option out there. THIS EVENT NEEDS TO BE ON THE CALENDAR IN ORDER TO EARN POINTS AND ADMINISTRATED BY AN ADMIN.

Ok so how to earn the points. When your in an official xAx event anytime the game ends and your PvP K/D is at 2.00 or above you will earn 1 xAx PvP Point! exciting right?! as you could technically earn 10 xAx PvP Points in one sitting! However there is a catch! for any time you go under a 1.00 K/D you will lose an xAx PvP Point. this process will be tracked by the administrator of the run! at the end of the run your points will be tallied and there will be a points tracker within the members only forums to track your progress. Once you hit the 25, 50, 75, or, 100 you have hit your appropriate rank you cannot lose it! thats what i meant by the above statement next to each rank. what this means is say you just get out of a official xAx Crucible event and you earned 10 xAx PvP Points to get yourself to 25 points BOOM your an xAx PvP Munifex! However say your next PvP event you have a terrible run and end up with -2 xAx PvP Points and now your total is 23. you won't lose your Munifex Status however it will make it harder on you to getting to the Avocati tier.

Makes Sense? you guys can ask questions relative to this new roll out during the podcast today on twitch and or posting on the comments below!!

so basically that's it fellas everything is pretty much structured for this to be launched starting tomorrow 5/19/15 along with the launch of HoW!!!

so enjoy guys as this is a brand new portion of xAllegiancex and i think it will be alot of fun and make our PvP Events a lot more exciting


1st Jun 2015 SmixNZL
Right, after my first official PvP run I have a few thoughts:

I think the 2.0 K/D is setting the bar a little too high - I think 1.5 would be too high for a lot of people if 1.0 is the cut-off. In my opinion there could be two different options:

1) Lower the 'negative' KD to 0.75 for losing a point, and make >1.5 earn +1.
2) Keep the current 'negative' KD at 1 but lower the KD to 1.25

There were a couple of people in our run that managed to go +1, but then immediately lose it in the next match; which - I imagine - would be a little disheartening. I think either of the above may give people a better chance of holding onto their points.

Also, I think there needs to be different tiers by game type. It's much easier (IMO) to get a better KD than in Clash.
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22nd May 2015 Milaevo
An idea to the mix of everyone's suggestions. Maybe have lower level k/d ratio training pvp worth 1 point. Then have higher k/d ratio runs worth 2 points. This would be similar to the normal and hard raids. You can apply rank of you wanted but that would be hard to track I think.

I also think you shouldn't be able to lose points you already earned. Say I do two training pvp runs and get two points and decide to try the higher k/d run. I fail. I shouldn't lose the work I did on the two training runs but remain at 2 points.

Minimum rounds or time should be set. Say 5 rounds or one hour.

Also an end point should be set, in my opinion. This way you don't join an event to replace someone and not have the ability to meet the minimums.

If a member has to leave before the set end point they would earn no points for the run no matter how high their k/d ratio in completed matches was at.

21st May 2015 padski99
I am kind of in agreement with Rux, even though I only really got into PvP with the clan during the last IB and am still learning a lot, I know my average KD is well below what is required to achieve any points. I do expect to improve and one day, well into the future, expect to be nailing down KD's in excess of 2.0 but until that happens I will struggle, I expect this may be the case for many clan members, whether seasoned PvPer's or not it takes time to learn the maps, best loadouts, positioning etc.
Maybe poll the clan for their average KD on the Bungie site so we can see what the overall average is and a decision can be made as to what the KD for points threshold should be. It should be achievable not unobtainable for the core of those that will get involved.
Perhaps, if it is not too complicated, link the KD required to the rank. Munifex needs 1.2 KD, Avocati - 1.5 and so on
Whatever, I will still get involved, it would just be nice to know I might be able to achieve awards.
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20th May 2015 Sokmnky
The whole pvp system is flawed. In reality you just need the kill shot. That doesn't make you a great pvp player. Should be based off of dmg done at the end, but no way to track it.
As far as points, I don't really care. Your point system was based off of participation, but now off of KD?
19th May 2015 leigull
Really like the way it's set out. Think it should stick to 2 k/d for a good while to see how the scores build. Then adjust to 1.8 if needed.
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19th May 2015 Sea_Bee_21
....1.5. Perhaps 2 points for a ratio of 3 or higher. And I think it'd be worth considering that a member's points never fall below the floor of their current level. Reach Munifex and 25 points is as low as you go. Avocati and 50 is your floor, etc.
19th May 2015 Sea_Bee_21
I voted for 1.5 but I can't vouchh for it being the perfect number. It seems that there isn't much Crucible love in xAx. With that in mind I think more attainable feedback might induce the non-PvPers to participate. For example, maybe give a 1/2 point or similar for each ratio over 1. A full point or similar for a ratio of
19th May 2015 D2dbx
pvp ranking is cool, i likes. just not the k/d point system. maybe a total match system?
19th May 2015 D2dbx
how about instead of k/d ratio points, since it would be tough to keep track of matches and k/d per match/per person. how about, 1 point per 2 matches , no matter of out come. and each event has to be minimal of 10 matches or 20. whacha guys think?
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19th May 2015 TFLrip
Maybe lover kd ratio please other than that's its a good idea
19th May 2015 xAx StevieBizzle
there has been a new poll created on the front page for everyone to vote if 2.0 is too aggressive and to drop it to 1.5 basedo n feedback we are in consideration of changing and it will be discussed, please voice your opinion here and vote on the front page thanks guys!
19th May 2015 tonio_2k
I think 2.0kd is too aggressive.
19th May 2015 Fhaeron
Don't like this idea, I sometimes get over 2 KD but most of the times I'm over 1 and just below 2.
Been in quite some PvP events right now and I have to say that I don't see many people going over 2KD, a lot of people even stay under 1 a lot so for all of us there are no hopes of getting higher ranks, then you'll also have to be that awesome to win vs lagswitchers and other exploits and cheaters.

Guess I'll just stick with PoE.
Like (2) · Comments (2)
19th May 2015 Spuff_Monkey
Munifex is going to be a challenge!
Like (2) · Comments (0)
18th May 2015 Milaevo
Can we got negative? If so will there be an award for the lowest score possible, because I am sure I will win that one before any of the others. That is while trying to get positive points.
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18th May 2015 ILL Prophecy
Seems like a good idea, so you are saying each event will have ten matches which would equate to the possible ten points? Can players earn more points with K/D of like 4 and above?
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