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Recruitment Contest So Far
xAx StevieBizzle 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 1st Mar 2015
So February is Gone! and March is here! with only 15 days left in the recruitment contest i wanted to give an update to the recruitment contest so far sense we rolled it out so here are the numbers currently to date! 

 xAx Member and # of Recruits:

Dog3760 - 12
StevieBizzle (Exempt Keeping Track for fun) - 12
SH04_DOW-9 - 2
de-lay - 2
strange1213 - 1 
BlackEmpire13 - 1 
Tymus the wolf - 1
Caged2920 - 1
Bajor27: 1
Mishka75 - 1
D2dbx - 1 
Indy4life765 - 1 

Awesome job so far guys as i'm happy to see so many xAx Guardians participating! Right now Dog is leading the way and if two other do not hit the 10 minimum recruits requirement to qualify for the prizes he will clean up ALL THREE PRIZES! way to go dog! now we still have 15 days left for someone to try and take dog off of his recruitment throne and i see a few that have multiple recruits already! with that being said i wanted to make sure all xAllegiancex Members are on the Same page:


A Couple of Hints Tips and Tricks to recruiting as well from someone who's recruited many in his time and so far for fun for this contest

- Bungie.net Forums. I would say this is the best place to get the quickest bang for your buck in terms of recruits. we have a recruiting template you can use in the members only forums you can copy and paste this in the recruitment section of the clan forums on Bungie.net I've gotten the strongest recruitment numbers basically from these forums
- Be Social about xAx. Friends? Family? maybe in a room with random destiny buddies and or destiny players? talk up your experience here tell them what they would need to do to join! I've seen a lot of members join this way!
- A.B.A Always Be Active. keep at it. getting all these recruits doesn't happen overnight be persistent with spreading the word and i can guarantee you people will join and tell us who recruited them!

Thanks guys and i'm hoping to have THREE members in the top 3 for prizes by march 15th! however i'm sure Dog is hoping to gather all three prizes!  

Just to reiterate here are the prizes

1st Place - $60 PSN Gift Card

2nd Place - $25 PSN Gift Card

3rd Place - Free xAllegiancex T-Shirt of Your Choice!! ( $20 - $30 Value)

As you have noticed i changed it from Gamestop Giftcards to PSN Giftcards because some of you are in the part of the world where i do not believe there is a gamestop so for now PSN money it is! 

Any questions relative to this contest feel free to ask any of your administrators!

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