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xAx StevieBizzle 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 9th Feb 2015
What's up Guys!

So over the past few months i have been very much contemplating a new branch in the Administration ranking system to increase Administrators with more powerful duties. with that being said i have come to the Conclusion that this is something I want to do. Work has been very strenuous on me andl ife has really taking over on my end i don't think i have logged into destiny in almost 3 weeks! embarressing however i have done my best to stay active in all civil duties relative to the clan. however these duties are ALOT of work. therefore i need a little help.

So lets introduct the new rank of xAllegiancex Ambassador!

an xAllegiancex Ambassasdor Would be an Ambassador specific to the region of the Area he has controlling decisions upon we in time will have Australian xAx Ambassadors, U.K. Ambassadors, South American Ambassadors etc etc.

an xAx Ambassador would basically have all the powers i currently do and control. they would essentially make final decisions i would for examples

xAx Ambassadors could:

- Promote Members to xAx Administrators in their Respective Region
- Make final decisions relative to member or administrator issues that arise
- Have the say of Banning or removing a member as well as demoting administrators
- Running xAllegiancex Monthly Meetings

these are just a few of the perks these ambassadors have you can see them as adding two more overseers on the same ballfield or level as i'm currently at. i want to point this out ALL AMBASSADOR DECISIONS ARE FINAL. i trust these individuals decisions as well as there thoughtp rocesses of where xAllegiancex needs to go. 

So with my Idea i would like to proudly introduce our first EU xAx Ambassador and U.S./Canadian Ambassador

Shadow will be your European Ambassador


Bajor will be the current U.S / Canadian Ambassador!

Congrats guys you earned it!!!

Now this does not mean im going anywhere and I will still be an influencer in decisions HOWEVER to get bajor and shadow comfortable with their new roles if there are any administrative and or member issues i suggest the following processes of solving a member issue

Member ----> Admin -----> Ambassador -----> Founder

if a member has any issues relative to anything member related i would relay it to an administrator, if a member has an issue with an administrator specifically i would relay it to the appropriate Region Ambassador that ambassador will make the final say however ambassadors have been informed that if they are unsure or need some influencial ideas on how a decision should be made they will ask for my advice. i currently 100% trust any decisions SHADOW and Bajor make therefore if there ruling is made assuming these decisions are 100% backed by me and i would respect there decisions as if there my own.

thanks guys and please congratulate your fellow comrades for this awesome vote of confidence and feat within xAllegiancex!


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