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xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Dec 2014
Hello Fellow xAx Guardians,

As many of you have seen we have officially launched our brand spanking new website!!! 

You Guys like?

Now with this launch you might see a couple of features on the right side that says team pay and donations and i would like to explain both features of the website

Team Pay:
Now we have already had a couple of individuals donate to the cause but what this essentially does is it helps me pay for the website and keep it up and running! based on the donations of a few members already we have been able to upgrade the servers to a premium+ version which gives me so many more options as it pertains to what i can do with the website! for an example i could add a ventrilo or teamspeak server and embed it into the website and also add features liek possibly music videos etc etc. ive also added two new awards that only xAx member donations can have you earn

- xAx Ruby Donation - $20 dollar Donation
- xAx Sapphire Donation - $50 dollar Donation

So far we have two members who have donated to the cause AND I CANT THANK THOSE INDIVIDUALS ENOUGH the less financial pressure i have on me for this team the more i can provide to you guys. just to give you an example if one member gives just $10 dollars for a donation i can put elite status for our website for a whole year!!

The Next Donation line you will see is on the far right side with a PayPal button that says donations

This portion is to Donate to a couple of things i would liek to provide to you in 2015

- xAx Mobile Application - money will go through a build beginning of a mobile application for Team xAllegiancex it will be a little companion specifically set up similar to Destinys app however with its primary goal to connect members to the Forums and have a group wall to connect to everybody wherever they might be. 

- xAx Merchandise Store - I woudl like to create store with Merchandise in it such as Hoodies, tshirts, hats, and other accessories to represent loyalty to xAllegiancex! this will be a great way to show your clan colors in RL and also have something stylish im not making anything goofy looking that i wouldn't wear myself 

Guys trust me when i say this i'm not looking to syphon any money from you guys for no reason ALL donations will be pumped directly back into the clan. the More xAllegiancex Donations we have the more Liquid Equity we will have to provide so many more interactive tools and other great things to build the xAllegiancex brand

Thanks so much and i will be keeping an eye on xAx Donaters!! 

30th Dec 2014 Dog3760
I'm up for donating especially if we can get a mobile app. Can't stand the psn message service and I use my phone more than a PC. If everyone donates just a little this site will be awesome. Come on people!
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PS4 Monkey831518
$40.00 USD
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$50.00 USD
30th Jun
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