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Calendar Game Expansion
GENERAL_ZOD_O10 11 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Feb
Hey guys,

Earlier last month I sent out a post about our goal for a more diverse calendar in 2019. As part of the evaluation process, I also released a poll to determined what games the community wanted to see on our calendar. After several meetings and evaluations, here is the game plan for xAx moving forward.

Effective Monday, February 18, 2019
Effective this Monday, all Admins will be able to post any multiplayer game on the calendar of their choosing as part of their 2 event quota. These games could include Anthem, The Division 2, Apex Legends, etc etc.
With many people taking a break from Destiny 2 and playing other games, we wanted to be able to open up the calendar and give members an avenue to be able to get together and play with fellow clan mates.
Perhaps there were other games you wanted to play in the past but had no community support. Please reach out and let us know. Not only are we opening up the calendar, I am also taking note of the community interest level on the type of games and event request we get for the calendar. If a certain game gains more traction and demand, then a full implementation of admins and support will be establish for that specific game.
Overall I believe this is the first step in the right direction in bringing you a more diverse calendar and ultimately making xAllegiancex a multi-gaming community.

But What About Destiny 2?
I am happy to report that Destiny is not going anywhere. Admins will still be required to post 1 Destiny event on the calendar per their 2 event quota (with their second event being Destiny or another game of their choosing). Ultimately Destiny continues to be our “bread and butter” and we will continue to have full admin support for Destiny 2.

Overall, very exciting news. I know a lot of you will be jumping into some Anthem and Division 2. I hope to be able to catch some of you online as these new games hit the calendar.

19th Feb PS4 Moore-tallica
good call. Aussie admins, how bout some apex legends?
18th Feb PS4 lBlackPhoenix-
Great implementation to the clan. This will continue to keep the community engaged and connected.
Great Idea !!! Thank You !!
18th Feb PS4 Scobro-32
Cool, so any xbox players wanna do some sea of thieves let me know. I'm on PC but its cross platform sooooo let's plunder some booty
18th Feb PS4 Smoovekilla13048
Nice keep up good work
18th Feb XB1 PoshDiscoStu
Excellent news....keep up the good work ...
18th Feb XB1 WizHockey
Thanks! This seems very logical and helpful!
17th Feb PS4 xAx Chicago_630
Cool we expanding our wings to new experiences
17th Feb PS4 Sykarn
This is great! I look forward to this happening!
17th Feb PS4 TheBigDaveTheory
Excellent news Zod great work, hopefully with this we will continue to see xAx grow and flourish
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17th Feb Bloodmaker420
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