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xAx Xilgorn 22nd Apr
@highlander Easter weekend, Monday is still a holiday for many
PS4 highlander-tw 22nd Apr
Whats with the clan only 4 events up was a time when there would be 20
PS4 Agentshadowolf 21st Apr
hey guys
PS4 Fufu_Butta 18th Apr
Hey, can i get a re-invite to a west coast ps4 clan
PS4 Suk_r_Punch1 18th Apr
xAx Tchpe 18th Apr
It is for the calendar and signing up for events. Most of the communication happens on discord.
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xAllegiancex Dissolves PC Division
xAx StevieBizzle 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Feb
Good Evening xAx Guardians,

Well unfortunately i have some not so great news on the xAx front i need to share with you all tonight and that is the future of the xAx PC Division. Unfortunately Effective this Evening xAllegiancex will no longer have a PC division within their Destiny Portfolio. 

Here is The Why.

Over the last several months the leadership team began to dig into why the PC side wasn't growing at the level it was for the first two months and if anything it seemed as though it was shrinking. As we began digging into several issues it came to our attention that there was a Cultural disconnect relative to the Vision xAx has for the xAllegiancex Players as to what the leadership side had on the PC divisional Side of xAx and what was best for there players. The Culture was LFG was a better process than that of the calendar based system and that the Calendar system that has been the foundational core of xAx for 4 years just didn't work for PC players. when we dug into this analysis we came to find out the process was not being effectively executed therefore we asked the team to execute this process and guide them properly to this end game. This encouragement lead to turnover of that leadership team and left us with no PC specific ambassador side that i myself appointed when i stepped away from leading the PC side due to RL and personal reasons. since we had no boots on the ground for leadership Archangelion our AIT for xbox volunteered to step up to the plate but at this point this LFG cultural mindset was buried so deep within the mentality it was too little too late. Unfortunately since this was the case we couldn't effectively hold accountability to our administrative team and the WIIFM for our members of the PC inevitably was not there. Since we noticed this was the case on our administrative side we did a hard reset to the leadership team on the administrative level and opened it up to the members to try to build it up from scratch if they wanted to keep this division open. unfortunately when digging into the mindset on the membership side thatm indset was also embedded at that level therefore the executive division was made to dissolve it entirely and retry the division again once we can get effective PC leadership boots on the ground and get in the trenches with a new PC Admin team and reset a culture that xAx is known for.

I've said this many times in the past and i'll say this again xAllegiancex never has been and never will be an LFG community. Our system has proven to be too special and connect too many people to change our process from what it seems as though growing communities are so used to using in order to accomplish what they need in games. Discord has definitely enhanced this problem over the years and i can tell you xAx is looking to create a hybrid version of getting the best out of process as well as maximizing discord usage but we will not infringe on our core values and go to a straight LFG type gaming community because that's never who we've been and never will be. 

I can see us reopening the PC Division in the Future but as of now i do not have the time to rebuild a division from scratch and we do not have any individuals that have that time either on the Leadership side. It takes a ton of time and effort to do this type of job and unfortunately the bandwidth is just not currently there. Hopefully in the future life free's us up and we can revisit this endeavor but as this time i wish all the members who did play with us on the PC the best and if they have a console to switch over to us on Xbox and PS4 to get the full xAx experience.

thanks and any questions about this decision can be redirected to myself or the ambassador team. for quickest response Discord DM is preferable. 

Thanks Everyone

12th Mar XB1 TPaz117
That sucks. I always tried to push the calendar and request thread on members fearing exactly this kind of community forming from Discord.
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