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2019, Destiny and xAx
mcnulty0816 2 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th Jan
xAx Family -

If you hadn't already done so, please catch up on what Stevie and Zod's thoughts are for xAx -  Founder's NP &  CGO's NP

xAx Members new and old, I'd like to thank you for being part of the journey this past year, joining and playing this game we love and making the community a vibrant and colorful place.  Thank you very much. I'd also like to thank the Ambassador team for all their efforts and time given to the community as well as their vision for the future. Last, but more importantly...to our xAx Admins - well done. Can't thank you enough for what you do for our member's. You are the heart of xAx and I know in 2019 it'll beat as strong as ever.

What will 2019 hold for xAx and Destiny? 

Back to basics. As said in our xAx mission statement -  "...make ourselves the be ... munity member." This means, taking what we know about D2 TODAY and having the most fun we can with it. Not wait for the next new shiny in hopes it makes it better. A game is great. Playing with others makes it better. But a strong/fun clan makes it awesome. How?:

  • Get yourself into the single Discord for the clan -  xAx Discord Get over your stranger danger issues and talk with others of the xAx Family.
  • Get off the sidelines and join events, wallflowers. You never know, you might make a friend...that you can later blackmail.
  • Increased Blue and Green engagement with the rest of the xAx Family and dragging them into the sunlight. Kicking and screaming are member's choice.
  • Make it fun and have some.

If something is wrong, fix it. If we can't, we make the best of it and make it fun. If its already fun, enjoy the hell out of it. This is something we should be doing as a community. Team effort.


  • Tournaments: Starting with PvP.    @Karyu0219   ...is leading this effort for February, so be on the look out. Sign up, trash talk and have some fun.
  • Gambit Ranks and Point Structure"Alright, mavericks. Ready to see what we're fightin' today?" The level of monthly activity has been consistently on par with PvP and Raids. So we will have something in place, as soon as a structure is in place. Get your grind on.
  • Calendar: More. More variety. More of what's hot. More of what the community wants. Now, while this ties in with Zod's effort to bring another game into the community...it starts with what xAx is offering today. Simply, check the calendar first. If you don't see what you're looking for, ASK... on the Discord Event Request Thread OR on the iClans Forum. We are here to help each other.

Community Focus

Where we are wanting to take xAx in 2019 will require a growth of Admin structure. Regardless of the game, you need great leads who are proficient, know the content...and are hell a lot of fun to play with. We are always on the lookout for new talent. This goes hand in hand with fresh faces in the xAx Family. So a recruitment drive is on the horizon...and everyone can help with this.

We have 3 platforms...PS4, XB and PC. Each has experienced periods of expansion and retraction. Every time. we've shored up the base, filled in the holes and made it better than its previous version. As I mentioned above...its a team effort.

Final Thought

HAVE FUN. And is you're not having fun...you're doing it wrong.

- Mac

13th Jan PS4 DXAshram
Oh god yes, Gambit ranks. Been waiting for that.
13th Jan PS4 Jriley1990
Sounds like its gonna be a fun year. Cant wait for the tourney even though we all know blunt is gonna shoulder charge his way to the top. Lmao
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