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xAx Tchpe 5:16 PM
Turn them in?
Anthrax032 3:44 PM
I've completed eight bounties for the spider, but all of them still show incomplete. Will someone tell me how to get credi for bounties?
xAx Xilgorn 2:55 PM
@noisy Place an order for an event in the Events Request. If an admin is avail, they will contact you.
PS4 Noisy_boy-20619 1:15 PM
If anyone is on this weekend, I could use help with zero hour. I suck ass lol
PS4 DRO_zdz-U 18th Jun
It would be nice to see more events on the calendar.
xAx darkgoldenwolf 17th Jun
@bluegintonic dont forget there is a request thread both here and on the clan discord that would get your request out to more admins and give you a better chance of getting it filled.
PS4 VinTheDean 17th Jun
@hottracer88 Link sent in a PM
PS4 BlueGinTonic 17th Jun
Can I get 2 or Back to back COS events. For tonight. Starting around 9pm - if an admin (psst VintheDean) or any Admin picks. Msg me on psn. Thx in advance.
PS4 hottracer88 17th Jun
can I get a invite to the discord channel
xAx Xilgorn 16th Jun
@Boom Link sent in a PM
XB1 BoomGoDynam1te 16th Jun
could I get an invite to the discord please
xAx Xilgorn 16th Jun
@transormer, @hazmat. Link sent in a PM
Anyone able to give me discord link?
PS4 transformersyo 15th Jun
could I get an invite to the discord please
Never mind lol. I’m at work today but thank you all again for adding me! Look forward to joining up and gaming with everyone!
Thank you very much! Trying to get my name changed to my XB1 name on here.
xAx Xilgorn 14th Jun
@HAZMAT, I have just approved your application
xAx Tchpe 14th Jun
I didn’t get yours, so, I sent you one.
Or at least I thought I did lol
Sent you a PM
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A Look Towards 2019
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Jan
Good day Guardians!

I hope all of your holiday season was as joyous and wonderful as it could be.

As Stevie mentioned in his recap letter, 2018 was a bit of a mix bag. Overall, 2018 saw the biggest changes within xAx to date. Those changes included expansion of a bigger Ambassador team, shift in clan content ranking structure, the opening of a PC division, moving our engagement operations to a single community discord and the beginning process of shifting towards a multi gaming community. While Mac will address the operational side of these changes in a future recap letter, I am here to share with you the overall goal and vision for the xAx community as a whole for 2019.

Future Game Expansions!
Last year we saw the beginning process of xAx expanding towards other games. We opened our doors to games such as FortNite and HHour. Although those games are no longer supported on our calendar today, we certainly learned a lot about how we can handle and better incorporate future games into our community. For instance, A small game like HHour open up the idea of the incorporation of an eventual Destiny PC division. FortNite was a lot of fun, but ultimately never was able to fit into the xAx mold and structure we had built here in xAx. Although it didn’t work out with FortNite and HHour, we were able to collect a lot of insight in terms of how we want to move forward with other games on the calendar.

With that said, In 2019, xAx will have a more diverse calendar. Our approach to game expansions will be a more collaborative one. Where we failed at with FortNite and HHour was we made it it’s own separate island within xAx. The goal and vision for any future expansion in 2019 will be to ensure that any game we incorporate feels seamless to jump into with clan mates within our xAx. system. Maybe today you want to jump into a Destiny Raid. Maybe tomorrow you want to explore the Dark Zone on the Division 2. We want to make sure you are able to do this without any complications and within the same xAx structure across the board.

At this moment we are not ready to declare which game or games will be incorporated into the calendar. Over the next 3 weeks you will see a series of surveys go out to the community as we conduct research and collect data about what our member base wants to see. Again, our approach will be a collaborative one. The first of those surveys is available now on the clan Discord. Your feedback and participation on this process is essential.

Website and Discord Research!
One of the many things I will also be looking at in 2019 is player retention and engagement within our community in regards to events, website and discord. That data will be collected by a series of polls on the events you participate in. This data will also be used as part of the decision making process for some of the community initiatives we have planned for you all in 2019. We want to make sure that there is always something for you to do in xAx. Wether that’s playing another xAx supported game or participation in a quarterly Destiny Tournament. This will be part of our initiative to bring you all a more diverse calendar. Please stay tuned for further announcements and information on the clan Discord.

Overall, I am very excited to see what 2019 will bring to xAx. 2018 brought on many structural changes within the community. We hope to expand on those changes to bring you a better experience as an xAx member in 2019.

9th Feb PS4 texasgamer123
Division 2 and maybe if anthem is good and there is a following in Allegiances would like to see that game added aswell
8th Jan PS4 tlelam2497
Thx Zod for the update. Div2 sounds interesting if that can be accomplished with clan mates.
7th Jan PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
Div2 Div2 Div2 Div2... Thanks ZoD!
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