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did pvp reset?
PS4 Nateboss101 10:41 PM
PS4 dmartin1217 20th May
I’m level 10 on division 2 does anyone want to play ?
xAx xSlydrx 19th May
@doom zone PM sent
XB1 doom zone 19th May
Hi, can someone send me an invite to the Discord server? By the time I click on one of the links, it says that it has expired. :/
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Thanks Xil looks like we are ok
xAx Xilgorn 18th May
Ping me on Discord if you need a 3rd
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Yes sir
PS4 Nei-1st 18th May
@Pheonix do ya still need a hand running the Thorn Strike?
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Perhaps no one wants to persay but maybe some would be willing to give ma a hand
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Any one want to run thorn strike with me?!?
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Few division2 events up on calendar for new raid later
PS4 zyberus316 15th May
cool i'm still here
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xAx 2018 Recap. The Good and the Bad.
xAx StevieBizzle 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Jan
Good afternoon xAx Guardians,

Boy 2018 felt like it flew by didn't it? Another year in the books for xAllegiancex and another year with successes, struggles and things we really need to look into to improve the community for 2019. So What i would like to do for all of you is give a recap of our most recent leadership meeting between myself, Zod and Mac as we discussed the future of xAx by recapping what 2018 was for the community.

The Good

- Our Continued Focus on the Calendar
- How the Community Shifted with the Game both Internal Processes as well as Communicative Shifts
- Strong Leadership and Structure
- Administrative Quality

    One of the Key Initiatives in 2018 was to really focus on the Quality of our structure in leadership as well as the quality of the individuals we bring in to the Green Team. Before in xAx's history it felt from the community as though there were "more admins than members" or "anyone can be an admin as long as they post events" we wanted to get rid of that stigma and create a green culture that made the role feel special again and provided the best it could to the membership side of xAllegiancex. I believe we not only succeeded in this both on the green team but believe our Blue team is the strongest it has ever been. Kudos to the entire leadership team to making this a successful initiative and creating a strong backbone for our community going into 2019. 
    I Believe the above filters into how well we shifted with the game both from how we communicate to our teams to some of the processes we've had to adjust based on the environment the game of Destiny put us in. Our team did a great job collaborating and coming up with resolutions based on the shifts the game put us through and for that it put us in a better place than being an outdated community that would provide very little to their members. i believe this is something that will continue to be a strength going into 2019 and moving forward based on the individuals in place as well as the experience we gained in these shifts of the game.
      The Calendar continued to be strong with events through 2018. in terms of year prior maybe the numbers we're a tad bit lower than previous years however the calendar still was fruitful for plenty of events and things for the community to participate in. Even though this was good our expectation in xAx is for this to be great because this is the bread and butter of our community and connecting people together. this will continue to be a focal point going into 2019 to not only maintain the clanedar but add more too it and give the members as much content as we possibly can.
The Bad

- Destiny Only Community
- Rough Content period and Loss of Players during that time
- New Website Launch

      Overall we looked into becoming a multi gaming community into 2018, and safe to say it didn't pan out very well, however we know its imperative to be more versatile in our approach to what we can provide to the community therefore we are beginning the research process into other games that we could potentially expand into to have multiple platforms of gaming with xAx Players. Games that have community structure and allows what we do and the processes we have to smoothly fit within the confines of their content. We will be taking more of a methodical approach to this but based on what we learned in 2018 the approach and process will be more refined to make the launches more successful during our second go round. 
      The next thing we discussed was how we went about things during the rough times of content during Destiny, and frankly we did not do a good enough job to enhance content on our side to keep you guys interested. Per 2019 our focus is to forecast pockets of dead content and come up with plans to continue to make content strong from our side even if bungie is not on their side. 
     Lastly the New Website. What an utter mess this project has been. At this point the leadership team is beyond fed up with where this project is at and we will be having a meeting in the coming weeks with our sponsor to come up with a resolution. Either a "can you do this and when will it be done" or "give us our money back" this project should hopefully have finality by the end of January.

Biggest Risks of 2019

- Staff Burnout
- Stagnant Content

    Two of our biggest fears going into 2019 are the bullet points above. Therefore how we would like to counteract both of these is simple. The ones that are "feeling the burn" sort of speak will be identified for new projects to help xAx grow. putting new stuff on the plate of these individuals that can help the community in many ways while keeping the pallet fresh of the individuals on the leadership side. every individual that is apart of the leadership side is on a volunteer basis, and what drives them is helping others, however if that drive begins to fade or the same content over and over again feels dull and lackluster that's when we have a tendency to see turnover within our ranks. we will be doing our best to prevent this number from becoming unmanageable and keeping the good people rightfully where they should be and that's helping the community grow. 

What to expect from 2019 xAx

- Multi Gaming Expansion
- ( Potential ) Quarterly Tournaments and Events
- More Versatility in the Calendar
- Point Structure for Gambit
- Expansion of Staffing for xAx
- Focus Point on PC xAx Expansion 
- Dissecting Website Future and Potential Discord Integration

    Overall my Counterparts Zod and Mac will dig deeper in their recaps that come out in the coming weeks but as you can see we have an aggressive agenda for 2019 and how xAx looks to move forward into their 5th year of service. I wanted to provide you guys with as much high level overview as i could while adding detail to each topic. I hope you guys are excited for everything we are looking into for 2019 and can't wait to get started on all these projects to make xAx the best Gaming community it possibly can.

Thanks Everyone and a Happy New Year to All of You!

- Bizz

8th Jan PS4 odins_beard24
I would also to say thank you to the admins for all of their hard work. I had fun in 2018, and look forward to 2019.

P.S. tournaments sound like an awesome idea!
6th Jan PS4 tlelam2497
Stevie- Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've been around xAx for some time now, and enjoy the connections I've made. I appreciate the effort and commitment you and the others make to the community.
6th Jan PS4 Jacob18797
New games and tournaments are a must for 2019! I've never been so bored of Destiny. Thanks for the recap Stevie.
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5th Jan PS4 kristophmarauder
Thank you Stevie and the ambass/admin team for all your hard work.
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