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PS4 sirBallard 8:04 PM
room for 1 more pvp
PS4 sirBallard 7:44 PM
pvp event 15 mins need 3
PS4 KajeKi 1:31 PM
Anyone help out with the final run in last wish? Need 2 more, in 30 mins please
PS4 Monkey831518 10:23 AM
Which Forge? tlelam, I am working on second one but can run the first forge
PS4 tlelam2497 16th Dec
Anybody up for Forge?
PS4 powermoes114 16th Dec
PS4 spade05 16th Dec
your set powermoes
PS4 powermoes114 16th Dec
could anyone make me a member again? i'm planning on returning to destiny
PS4 spade05 15th Dec
need 1 for some gambit in 10mins
PS4 DevMacK13 15th Dec
Would someone please send me an invite to the new discord
PS4 Deathmachine727 15th Dec
One more for gambit in 15 minutes
PS4 Shamown1964 15th Dec
can someone send me an invite to the new discord channel plz
xAx darkgoldenwolf 14th Dec
found one thnks
xAx darkgoldenwolf 14th Dec
looking for one for a last wish.
PS4 Noisy_boy-20619 13th Dec
Want to take a noobz?
PS4 Noisy_boy-20619 13th Dec
Anyone doing a NF?
PC TripDaddy 13th Dec
Destiny has become Diner Dash 2 now lol
PS4 Cryo186 12th Dec
PS4 KajeKi 12th Dec
Anyone up for Last Wish? Need 1!PS4, username: Kajeki .
XB1 Cankle J 11th Dec
So whos gonna bake me some chocolate ship cookies?
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Lightning just hit the Bullseye twice!
xAx Karyu0219 7 Comments · Likes · Like · 12th Nov
Please welcome SH4RPSH00TER_FBI and wytelyning22 to the West Green Team!
Both these guys are solid members bringing more quality events to the calendar and effective leadership to xAx.

Sharp like to bring the pain to other Guardians in the Crucible but likes the PvE side of the house

Wyte focuses on the PvE side of the game. He like the Y1 raids, and intends on getting the Last Wish raids common place on the calendar in the near future.

So keep an eye out for these two and make them feel welcome, and in turn they will give you that team comradery you joined xAx for.

17th Nov PS4 A7X-The-Rev363
Congratulations guys!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
14th Nov PS4 shadomatic
Congrats to you both and it's to have ya on the green team!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
13th Nov PS4 Padose
Welcome fellas!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
13th Nov PS4 Nei-1st

*Insert dat meme face right 'ere*

Like (1) · Comments (0)
13th Nov PS4 SH4RPSH00T3R_FBI
Thank you! Already keeping him on his
12th Nov PS4 Deathmachine727
Congrats guys. Welcome!!!!!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
12th Nov xAx Archangelion1
Welcome to the green team guys! Be sure to keep Karyu on his toes!
Like (2) · Comments (1)
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