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PS4 ErzengelCypher 9:36 PM
Anyone doing Volundr Forge?
PS4 Exsoulpyro 8:06 PM
Never mind
PS4 Exsoulpyro 8:02 PM
Are there points for Gambit, like there are for PvP and PvE?
PS4 Exsoulpyro 7:52 PM
Hi everybody
PS4 zyberus316 10th Dec
PS4 windchime516 10th Dec
PS4 windchime516 10th Dec
Dexprozius u still running the Gambit as scheduled and still have room? Sent u a friend request to join if there's still a spot.
PC Digicain_PC 10th Dec
I'm predominately on pc these days though
PS4 Digicain_PS4 10th Dec
PS4 sirBallard 9th Dec
Still need to in 5 mins for gambit
PS4 tlelam2497 9th Dec
Forge anyone, I'm at 609 with my titan
PS4 MelloKingMal05 9th Dec
PS4 fantasykid1977 9th Dec
PS4 MelloKingMal05 9th Dec
PS4 fantasykid1977 9th Dec
Melloking you still need help
PS4 MelloKingMal05 9th Dec
we're both in the clan southeast2
PS4 MelloKingMal05 9th Dec
is anyone available to help me and the wife run nightfall?
PS4 ErzengelCypher 9th Dec
Forge anyone?
PS4 Kausali 9th Dec
Forge anyone?
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A Triple for XB!
xAx Vysi 5 Comments · Likes · Like · 24th Sep
Hey everyone, join me in welcoming 2 new Admins and 1 returning Admin to the XB Green team:

Hailing from the UK side, Boombaclat05 is always willing to help out and teach what he knows. Look for his events on the calendar to have a blast!

Nickel7Dime is goof with a pun and he's not afraid to use it. He's got plenty of sherpa experience dating back to D1 so join his events if you're looking for a good time and bad jokes!

RedHoodRizen is a returning admin, who needed some time away from Destiny. With the new update, he's raring to get back in. Watch for his events and give him a run for his KD!

Congrats guys!

4th Oct XB1 Johnny Sokko
Congrats Nick and Boom and welcome back Red!
25th Sep PS4 Nei-1st
CONGRATULATIONS you three!!!!!^^
24th Sep xAx Archangelion1
Congrats Nickel7Dime and Boombaclat05! Glad to have you two on board!
Welcome bad RedHoodRizen! You have been missed!
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24th Sep XB1 Krazykitch30
Well done you guys.
Like (1) · Comments (0)
24th Sep XB1 Boombaclat05
Time for the speech..... I wanna thank everyone that has joined in along the way. The patiences that everyone has showed myself and other fellow members has been great. Special shout out to DeadLiven, he has took me through many events and helped me host. The hours he has put in to give me the knowledge is highly appreciated. Also want to thank Krazykitch30, CrazyKitch77, PatrickW1907, Therooster0512 for coming on board from our old clan and they have helped me get through quite a few raids. I will be forever learning and will keep an open mindset. Finally....... Stay Humble and enjoy the gaming experience!!!
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