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West’s next ground pounder: here's Shapattack11b
Karyu0219 6 Comments · Likes · Like · 6th Aug 2018
Everybody let’s give a warm welcome to Shapattack11b who is the newest edition to the xAx green team. You may have seen his shenanigans recently on you tube or twitch as this guy is making mincemeat out of guardians like a true infantryman. 

Shap is mainly into PvP however he also enjoys helping out members albeit in raids or night falls and he is very excited to be able to help out the community. 

Keep an eye out on the calendar for his events they are coming to a console near you. 

Way to step up Shapattack11b!!!! Welcome to the green team!!

8th Aug 2018 PS4 Suk_r_Punch1
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8th Aug 2018 XB1 Johnny Sokko
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7th Aug 2018 PS4 Nei-1st

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7th Aug 2018 PS4 RedGrange123
Congrats and welcome to the green
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6th Aug 2018 KSI_Devil_Cat_7
Congrats wish i can use kujay emotes here
6th Aug 2018 St1cky_Nuts__
Congrats Shap welcome to the team bud way to step up!!
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