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PS4 arclight_rose 2:46 PM
only on weekends
PC NajatSky 2:14 PM
Really ? does it go off and on ?
PS4 kristophmarauder 2:13 PM
Whisper isn’t available until next week
PC NajatSky 2:08 PM
It's a special quest u do in IO
PC Scobro32 2:05 PM
Im not on until later, but you doing heroic?
PC NajatSky 1:54 PM
Hi guys anyone wants to do the whisper of the worm with me i am on the west pc clan
PS4 Noisy_boy-20619 12:39 PM
I haven’t been on in a while. Bought a house been busy. I’m so lost fml lol
PS4 Niblesess 12:26 AM
Did you still need one more Kausali?
PS4 Kausali 22nd Oct
just need one more 580+ and we can go
PS4 Kausali 22nd Oct
Anyone able to help do the Malfeasance 580 mission?
Anyone on XB1 tonight?
PS4 Boolywooger 22nd Oct
Sure. Sent a FR.
PS4 kristophmarauder 22nd Oct
Sorry. I logged off after helping athenas. Now I have to get ready for work
PS4 kristophmarauder 22nd Oct
Hit me up next week. If you see me on then shoot me a message.
PS4 Boolywooger 22nd Oct
I need help getting the catalyst if not not, maybe next weekend
PS4 athenas_wrath1 22nd Oct
I need regular whisper if you are up for it
PS4 kristophmarauder 22nd Oct
Anyone need whisper help? An hour and 20 minutes left
XB1 Archangelion1 22nd Oct
@VenomousFury If you have an XB1 or PS4 account that you are wanting to make you will need to make a second profile on xAx. You will need to follow the full member activation procedure. Create a profile, set tags, and register.
PC VenomousFury 22nd Oct
Who can I talk to about switching platforms?
PS4 KivaRyder 21st Oct
anyone want to run some pvp in 30 min http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/80574/1
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xAx Point Reset and Point Structure Changes
xAx mcnulty0816 4 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Aug


Destiny 2 is coming into its own. We've seen the dramatic shift from the casual player towards the hobbyist and I, for one, am excited to see these changes. Now with all the hype around Forsaken, damn its going to be fun.

That brings me to the xAllegiancex point System. We have usually reset the points with major releases; The Taken King, Rise of Iron, etc. We will be doing the same with Forsaken. Bottom line up front: Final points will be awarded on August 31, 2018.

So, you have the remainder of August to earn your points. If you weren't aware, PvE Generals and PvP Legionnaires have earned access to the xAx VIP server for first run events as well as linking up with other similarly skilled players (Redrix's Claymore anyone?). Get your grind on. Because with a new game, new gear we should have new goals to strive towards

New Point System:

Admittedly, D2's initial point system was not as challenging as it should have been. It matched D2's gameplay...casual. xAx has always strived to ensure we recognized the best players in our community. Our point system will make it challenging for individuals to earn points and to move up the ranks. xAx will always have events for everybody on the calendar. From those that require training and even those who just want to get their clears of the week in. But we want to provide a system that challenge the top competitive players of our PvE and PvP side. Simply...those that will earn these ranks will be the best xAx has.

We have the framework done, but needs a little more polish and refinement. We want to make ensure that its challenging...and remains so. But most should be rewarding. If you earned the rank there should be no doubt in yours, or anyone else's mind, that you earned it.

As soon as its ready...the new point structure will be published. Until then, enjoy the Solstice of Heroes...and have fun.

- Mac

17th Aug PS4 dbyte32
I would kill to be able to hear well and run these raids with you guys, but how does the system work for those of us where raiding and clan pvp is not an option
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7th Aug PS4 Misterh8er
Are there actually going to be enough events/spots for people to participate this time? Last time stuff filled so fast and there were so few events at the beginning that I stopped trying to participate in clan stuff at all...
Like (0) · Comments (2)
6th Aug PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
Lets do it!!!! Also it has been "test ran" and ran through the ringer of admins and ambassadors. This is for the whole not the few. If you run a event with lets say a PVE admiral should you have to carry him...... Well the answer is no you should not. For PVP you shouldn't have to "carry" a spartan right??? This new point system will reward the deserving and Challenge the member base.
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6th Aug PS4 strato_chief62
There needs to be a balance between "challenging" and "fun." If it's too challenging than it's more like "work" and that will turn players off and they will leave the clan and the game.
It might be a good idea to do a "test run" first, then ask the clan for feed back, which in turn will help you "polish" and "refine" it for the "whole" not the "few".
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