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PS4 xAx Chicago_630 6:44 PM
Where the xAx NA WEST 2 actives at
PS4 sirBallard 6:35 PM
yay welcome and null thats why u are a beaut
PC Woo 6:34 PM
thanks man
xAx Denullify 6:34 PM
I did it your set now welcome to the clan
PC Woo 6:32 PM
wait im on pc how do i change it
PC Woo 6:32 PM
hold on
PC Woo 6:32 PM
i applied not too long ago it shoulda set
PC Woo 6:32 PM
PS4 sirBallard 6:31 PM
woo shows you are still a guest
xAx Denullify 6:29 PM
If u have your tags set I can approve ya
PS4 sirBallard 6:28 PM
have u completed the application process to join the clan?
PS4 sirBallard 6:26 PM
ok are your clan tsgs set? if so what does it say?
PC Woo 6:24 PM
im not sure, i just joined the clan
PS4 sirBallard 6:23 PM
@woo what div?
PS4 sirBallard 6:15 PM
http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/80525/1 join these two events amd join this back to back gambit funhttp://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/80526/1
PS4 sirBallard 6:14 PM
woo what division are u in?
PC Woo 6:00 PM
How do you join the discord?
PS4 Idan709 18th Oct
anyone for forest?
PS4 IshBoii22 17th Oct
im down for forest
PS4 Idan709 17th Oct
anyone for forest?
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Both Sway and DeadLiven take up the Green.
XB1 TPaz117 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 20th Jul
I am pleased to announce that we have 2 new admins joining the Xbox Admin Team. We have been watching  both xXSwayXx1 and DeadLiven grow from great players to invaluable assets. After determining that they also have the right leadership qualities for the Admin tags, and an interest in the role, we just had to promote them. 

Sway played D1 on PS4, but got into D2 on the Xbox in April. He joined us in may and has impressed us ever since. He has shown an aptitude for raiding and has earned the 1st Lieutenant rank and is quickly on his way to captain. Sway has captained and coached his sports teams all his life, so he keeps an awareness about the team that can get them through any situation.

DeadLiven also joined us in May and his Raid Experience is vast. With 80 EoW completions and 68 Lev Completions, we are sure he knows those encounters front and back. Like many Destiny players, he has a background in World of Warcraft. His is in leading a large guild that took everyone in and helped them learn raids, fairly similar to xAx. Dead would like to host training raids to help out inexperienced players so expect to see him on the calendar a posting a lot.

Welcome both of you, you’ve got big shoes to fill but we wouldn’t be promoting you if we didn’t believe that you had the skill and the drive to be assets.

If you would like to try to become an Admin, we have a forum thread to apply. The only requirement is that you’ve been in xAllegiancex for more than a month. By that point however, if we have played with you in events even once or twice and you have shown good skill and attitude then you’re probably on our radar already.

24th Jul XB1 The6thBull
Congrats Deadliven, had a great evening , and thanks for the patience with me.
22nd Jul PS4 Ass1nat0r
Congrats on the promotion guys. Glad to have you aboard. Now whip that xbox team into shape
20th Jul XB1 Boombaclat05
Bring on the events!!! Played with both of them over th past few weeks. Lead the clan to success
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