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Not so Rusty
mcnulty0816 17 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd May 2018

Please join me in congratulating our newest Ambassador for the AusAPAC Division -    @Rusty_rie  

Rusty has been an AIT for the last few months and has been running the Division since Hzar_Kar stepped away due to real life commitments. She's had some big shoes to fill.

Not surprisingly, Rusty has done a tremendous job in AusAPAC and for xAx. She's exceeded all expectations. Rusty has provided solid and reliable leadership for the Division and I am excited to see what she has in store for one of the best Divisions we have in xAx.

Congrats. You've more than earned the promotion.


1st Jun 2018 benji14362
congrats Rusty I cant wait to get my sleeper quest done soon
29th May 2018 PS4 Dexprozius
Can you like this more than once?
25th May 2018 PS4 Nei-1st
24th May 2018 Jonochard64557
Congrats rusty
23rd May 2018 oOZebedeeOo
Another Godess among Gods congratulations
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 PS4 Stern-Black
Congrats Rusty good to see
23rd May 2018 PS4 Rusty_rie
Thank you everyone for your kind words :)
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 xAx Archangelion1
Congrats Rusty!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 CoffinCheaterINC
congratz boss
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 DevMacK13
Nice Rusty!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 Scobro32
Congrats rusty
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 PhantomCortex
Wooo! Well deserved, Rusty!! :D
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 GENERAL_ZOD_O10
Def long overdue. Congrats Rusty!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 Sle_epy
Wooo GOOO RUSTY!! Well deserved!
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 xAx Jacob18797
"She's exceeded all expectations" I mean when you have no expectations in the first place ... :D
Like (0) · Comments (4)
23rd May 2018 PS4 VZ-FaDe2BrAD-TT
Nice Rie! LONG overdue! Grats :)
Like (1) · Comments (0)
23rd May 2018 PS4 ViperShogun
I for one support our new overlord. ahaha congrats! :D
Like (1) · Comments (2)
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