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xAx Rusty_rie 5:21 AM
hi Jonny, it looks like you’re clan tags have not been set on bungie yet. Can you confirm you have requested to join the eu division in bungie?
Rubber_-_jonny 4:56 AM
In a clan not unable stupid phone lol
Rubber_-_jonny 4:55 AM
Is there a quicker way into the clan or is it defo 48 hours. I applied yesterday but with it being reset yest I really wanted to be unable clan by now. Help me out lol
I’ve been good idan. Glad to hear from u
PS4 Idan709 2:19 AM
howhave you been?
PS4 Idan709 2:18 AM
im very good brother,long time we didnt speak. missed you man
hey idan, we found one. how u been?
PS4 Idan709 2:04 AM
quick EOW. fast and easy completion. need one.anyone game?
PS4 St1cky_Nuts__ 10:46 PM
need 1 eow now!
PS4 St1cky_Nuts__ 10:40 PM
om my way sorry dinner was late
PS4 Unholyfish 10:39 PM
PS4 Peacamaker 10:17 PM
okay cool
PS4 hottracer88 10:10 PM
yea i just re looked it up ep is a snipe Nf is trichromatica exotic ghost shell
PS4 Peacamaker 10:09 PM
maybe its the EP cause that the weapon drop as well so more likely they got it confuse
PS4 hottracer88 10:09 PM
Ep level 7 boss is a sniper
PS4 hottracer88 10:06 PM
hmm destiny tracker said a ghost lol
PS4 Peacamaker 10:00 PM
this week nf is sniper rifle according to reddit
PS4 KivaRyder 9:55 PM
anyone want to do a reg nf and prestige nf
PS4 hottracer88 9:48 PM
rocket launcher was last week this weeks is a ghost
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Leading with Zemper
xAx TPaz117 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 14th May
I am excited to announce that Zemper27 is joining the Xbox Admin Team. He’s been around for a while but we just got around to promoting him after seeing him raid a bit more. 
Zemper is a veteran of World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic, and was a guild leader for a few years, so he knows how to teach raids and lead crews. With xAx, Zemper has been a great addition to any raid team, showing both patience, skill, and an aptitude for learning. 
So please give a warm welcome to Zemper 27, our newest Administrator.

15th May XB1 Johnny Sokko
Congrats Zemper!
15th May PS4 oOZebedeeOo
Doff of me cap
14th May PS4 Nei-1st
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