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PS4 Nateboss101 10:41 PM
did pvp reset?
PS4 Nateboss101 10:41 PM
PS4 dmartin1217 20th May
I’m level 10 on division 2 does anyone want to play ?
xAx xSlydrx 19th May
@doom zone PM sent
XB1 doom zone 19th May
Hi, can someone send me an invite to the Discord server? By the time I click on one of the links, it says that it has expired. :/
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Thanks Xil looks like we are ok
xAx Xilgorn 18th May
Ping me on Discord if you need a 3rd
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Yes sir
PS4 Nei-1st 18th May
@Pheonix do ya still need a hand running the Thorn Strike?
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Perhaps no one wants to persay but maybe some would be willing to give ma a hand
PS4 Pheonixonfire1 18th May
Any one want to run thorn strike with me?!?
PS4 Obiwon0745 16th May
Few division2 events up on calendar for new raid later
PS4 zyberus316 15th May
cool i'm still here
XB1 doom zone 14th May
Anyone doing the Outbreak quest in Xbox?
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xAllegiancex Expands into H-Hour
xAx StevieBizzle 3 Comments · Likes · Like · 5th Apr 2018

Four Years Ago there was an Announcement on Kickstarter, and Four Years ago that kickstarter was to rejuvinate a spiritual successor for the popular Playstation Game known as SOCOM. The SOCOM fanbase is a passionate one with individuals that are actively hungry for that "SOCRACK" feel and thats where the H-Hour Project was born. Safe to say i am one of thos SOCRACK junkies and a lot of the reasons behind why i wanted to create xAllegiancex and the Community based feel of what xAllegiancex brings to destiny is rooted in my community experiences in SOCOM. so i jumped all over this project when it was first introduced. i've always been a heavy influencer of this project to succeed and honestly over the past 4 years it has been an extremely bumpy ride with the project with creative directors leaving, broken communication from individuals backing the project to the Studio itself and fairly broke alpha release that was probably rushed out to appease those said members. with that being said this passion project has always fell by the waste side while i helped build up xAllegiancex to the Community machine it is today. Now in 2018 one of the big Initiatives xAllegiancex had was transitioning from a Destiny Exclusive Community, to a Multi Gaming Community allowing us to provide a foundation of xAllegiancex in Multiple Games for our xAx member base. we started this expansion with Fortnite and it has been in growth mode ever since providing some versatility that is our strong calendar. I honestly never saw H-Hour being an option for this expansion. Why? because the community was just to small and i really had no intent to bring something on board that had such a small backing, but over the past 3-4 months H-Hour has dramatically improved its gameplay. creating an internal ranking system, enhancing its gameplay and players began to flock back to the game. What i also began noticing is clans started popping up like the old days. So i played with some of my H-Hour regulars we slapped some Smiley tags on and created a clan called the Smiley face clan. as the months progressed our clan grew from 2-3 members to 20-25 members of what we are today and still growing. Not only that but our clan began to do practice wars and then ACTUAL OFFICIAL CLAN WARS. now my wheels started to turn. if these 20 members are getting all this value from just we're doing in this game why not infuse what we have in xAllegiancex and open it up to the ENTIRE xAx community, and for these H-Hour clan members why not open up other games to them. i spoke with the "smiley face clan" and they were all for merging into xAx then i spoke with our leadership team and they saw nothing but benefits relative to our 2018 vision. So effective today. xAllegiancex has officially expanded into the game H-Hour Worlds Elite 

What is H-Hour Worlds Elite and What Can You Expect as a Player

QuoteH-Hour is a hybrid third person and first person shooter. The third person perspective allows players to view their character and provides increased situational awareness—an edge in combat situations. The first person view presents the player with only a reticle and adjusts the field of view so that he has the feeling of being in the thick of it and a naturally enhanced “zoomed in” perspective that provides a twitch play edge.
The ballistics model is perhaps the most complete and authentic of any weapons simulation available in a game. With tweakable parameters for every aspect of firearm performance, every weapon has a distinct and recognizable personality built from a foundation of real world weapons data. 

Pretty Much the Mission Statement of H-Hour. Honestly its the New Age SOCOM. its a PvP Shooter game that falls more on the hardcore side of Shooter Games. Once you die your dead for that round with 11 rounds total with a max team player base of as little as 1v1 all the way to 8vs8. 
Whats Great About the game is the clan vs clan wars and the community of players you play against. It's very tactical and you need some solid strategy as a team when playing good opponents. ITS A TOUGH GAME TO GET USED TO. there is no aim assist and it can take some time to get used to the game but you get addicted to getting better.
If you Join the xAx H-Hour Clan Division what can you expect?

- Clan Wars will be posted on the calendar 1-2 times a week whether its clan wars scrimmages against others or offiicial wars on
- Clan Practices will happen consistently on the Calendar to get acclimated with different strategies that could potentially help with victories in clan wars
- Ranking System is INTERNAL in game and clan wars could pre determine qualifications on clan wars or not. the higher skill a clan might be the higher rank we will look from an xAx member to participate. the only way to rank up is to play the game. 
- Meeting new and fun individuals. really good foundational group of guys are already apart of this group with 20 of us total already with boots on the ground  
- xAx's first foundation going into PC. This will be the first 20 people into the PC Arena for xAx this could potentially open up xAx with foundational PC players into games like Destiny 2, PUBG, and other PC Platforms. 

So would you like to Enroll in xAx's H-Hour Division?! if your an xAllegiancex Member simple Message StevieBizzle either on the website here or on discord. Once I know theres interest i'll give you the appropriate access on our website. Also add me on Steam. My Steam Name is [xAx] StevieBizzNizz    

Remember you Need a PC to play in this particular expansion of xAllegiancex! H-Hour will be released on PS4 hopefully later in the year as they are currently in Beta phase in the game and are currently porting the game as we speak. As the game continues to move in that direction so we will provide news appropriately. 

Also please keep an eye out for xAx new H-Hour members. they will have a special color to show they are H-Hour players so welcome them if they are new to the xAx family!

see all you soldiers on the battlefield! 

I played it briefly before my console died lol must have been a shrapnel wound ! Great game though truly! Interesting post good sir !
7th Apr 2018 PS4 St1cky_Nuts__
Well I loved SOCOM and if this comes to console then I will be there. Really great news Stevie!!!!!! Hopefully it makes it to console as I do not have the money for a real Gaming computer.
5th Apr 2018 XB1 ThatOneJedi
I remember playing a bit of SOCOM. Was fun
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