Chat Box
PS4 Penehoff 6:42 PM
mystfit did they get you access to discord?
PS4 Penehoff 6:41 PM
hey op
PS4 BlueGinTonic 6:38 PM
Looking for an admin to put a raid marathon together for me, this week. Possibly tues. 7p cst. Levi 3x lair 3x diff characters. Looking for people with 10 plus completions each raid to make it a quick run. Pls message me on psn if possible.
hello all
PS4 ALSIP708 6:29 PM
Anyone trying to run the world of eaters raid
PS4 ALSIP708 6:22 PM
Is anyone trying to run the world eater
PS4 SGT Angry 4:24 PM
Ah got it - thanks - so it's not a google sheet like the PvP points tracker. I kept looking for a link and never realized that it was on my profile page
PS4 shadomatic 4:22 PM
pve points get updated as the admin puts them in. It automatically updated on your profile page
PS4 SGT Angry 4:19 PM
Where is the PVE points sheet? I only see a link to the PVP one...
PS4 DarthTavidon 3:33 PM
anyone needing a hand
PS4 KivaRyder 3:29 PM
we found one Zebedee but ty
PS4 oOZebedeeOo 2:53 PM
Still looking
PS4 KivaRyder 2:26 PM
Need 1 for Lev NM
PS4 flakes777 2:23 PM
Anyone still LF NF?
PS4 SGT Angry 2:20 PM
I texted AndyTron to see if he's available
PS4 KivaRyder 2:18 PM
yes sorry Sgt Angry
Need 1 more .... who’s in?
PS4 SGT Angry 2:17 PM
PSN = sgtangry
PS4 KivaRyder 2:17 PM
thx Angry and Bullgod
xAx Region

xAx PvP

Best Masterwork Armor Perk
Helmet: Grenade recharge 7

Arms: Melee - 20% Buff 17

Chest: Power Weapon - 15% dmg 11

Legs: Energy Weapon - 15% dmg 10

Class Item: 25% dmg 55

100 votes
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February 2017
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well hello koto
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October 2016
TimeZone Issues on the Events Calendar
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He doesn't just win, he Crushes them!
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XBONE xAx Gets its First xAx Exclusive Admin
xAllegiancex PvP Rank Expansion Goes Live Mon.
Who says 13 is unlucky?
XBONE Recruitment Contest Starts Today
xAllegiancex is Expanding to XBONE
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PvP 6-Man Tournament Draft Special This Sun.
A New APAC Ambassador is Announced!
“Who’s” That Over There?
US Atlantic Gets A New Admin
xAllegiancex Two Week Recruitment Frenzy Contest
June 2016
1st Ever RocketLeague Tourney Signups Go Live 6/24
Bungie's Clan Tag Issue [FIXED]
xAx World Record Attempts: Speed Runs
Effective Immediately xAx to do Monthly Tourney's
Canada West Gets Sweaty
He has his Eye on you
NA Gets a new Ambassador Isakole Gains a new Role.
Special "Chubby Bunny Challenge" Tonight 11PMEST
May 2016
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Someone Call a Doctor!
MOTM scratched from future contention!
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I did a bad bad thing?
dnbluprints Steps Back...
Australia gains another Admin!
All The Way From Argentina
The Best In The West
Ambassador Meeting Recap Mar. 2016
Lets promote again!!
About Time!!!
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March 2016
Addition to the PvP Ranking System
NorCal Finds Its Second Admin
xAx California Restructure
Double Promotions In California
xAx March Madness Recruitment Results and Winners!
xAx World Created!
xAx Expands, US North is Born!
Special Member Spotlight "Suk_r_Punch1"
Daylight Savings Please check your Profiles!
Ambassador Meeting Recap and Additions to xAx
xAllegiancex United States Divisional Restructure
A Virus Hits Central California
Increasing MotM and AotM Prizes Effective Mar.
xAllegiancex Gulf Coast is Born!
We Got Another One
xAllegiancex New Zealand is Born
xAllegiancex England is Split and Australia Born
Isakole ReTransitions back into an Ambassador
xAllegiancex New York is Born!
xAx California Expands!
From the Founder to xAllegiancex, Thank You.
xAllegiancex US Northeast Expands!
xAx SR Team Snuggly Bears Runs Tonight! Finals
xAx on the Digital Fire Podcast Tonight!
A New Ambassador Joins xAx and Kole has a New Gig
xAx's March Madness Recruitment Contest!
February 2016
Puban of TRiGGERH4PPY Joins the Podcast Tonight!
Mack On This...
xAllegiancex Speed Raid Run Round 2!
Is There a Doctor In the House?
1st Round SR Tournament Extension
BetterOffGaming Joins us Tonight on the Podcast!
xAx Speed Run Tournament II Has Begun!!
January 2016
SneakerheadBSJ Joins the Official Podcast TODAY!
Signup Extension for Tournament TODAY ONLY!
The God of Thunder?
SR II Tournament Rules Finalized and Some Updates
Tanner Smurf Joins xAx Podcast Tonight at 8pm EST!
Official Speed Raid Run Rules and Record Resets
Jan. 15th is Signup Deadline for xAx Tourney!
December 2015
The Northeast gets some northernlights!
A Very Tricky Situation
US West Division Finds Its First Admin
Promotion Time
LesGetGaming Joins the Podcast on Jan. 2nd!
xAx Speed Raid Tournament II Delayed till Feb.
Guardian Outpost Joins the Podcast 12/26
Additions to Website Ranking System
xAllegiancex Official SRL League STARTS TOMORROW!
Speed Run Tournament II Open for Signups!
PvE Speed Run Tournament and Draft Special!
One More for California!!
November 2015
Be11eBunny Joins the Podcast on 12/19/15
Guardian Outpost Join the Podcast on 12/12
CM and Content Lead of DTR Joins Podcast on 12/5
MotM and AotM Announced for October!
2 More Join The Ranks of Admin
Ambassador Recap and Some Changes Being Made
Be11eBunny Locked Down for 11/28 Podcast!
Special Guest in Next Weeks Podcast BigFry!
NA Admin Steps down
A Second Ambassador is Added to North America
NA Central NA West go Through Massive Expansion
October 2015
xAllegiancex PvE Restructure and Points System
xAllegiancex Merchandise Store
xAx Grows into Texas and California Divisions
Boo! NA Central Gets Another Admin!
xAllegiancex Podcast Announced!
NA Central Gain Another Admin!
xAllegiancex Finds its EU Ambassador
September 2015
xAllegiancex NA East Expands
xAx EU Gains Another Administrator
xAx Recruitment Contest Announced!
xAx APAC Regains their Head Administrator
NA Central Adds a New Admin
NA West Promotes a sweet little Kitty
Over the Past few Days here in xAllegiancex
xAllegiancex NA East Gains a New Admin!
APAC Gets Another Promotion!
xAllegiancex England Admin Promoted
BOYNEZEE Steps Down as UK Head Admin
gamefreak steps down from EU
Another Promotion in the APAC
xAllegiancex Community Update
New EU Admin Announced!
xAllegiancex's TTK Kickoff Show!
The Taken King Raid Roll out for xAx
xAllegiancex Welcomes xAllegiancex England
August 2015
xAllegiancex PvP Tourney Winners!
xAllegiancex PvP Tournament Round 2
xAllegiancex 1st Round Schedule for PvP Tournament
July 2015
xAllegiancex Expands to Two More Divisions!!
xAllegiancex NA Ambassador Announced!!
xAllegiancex PvP Tournament is up!!!
xAllegiancex Draft Special LIVE on Twitch
Admin and Member of The Month Awards!!
Another xAx NA Promotion
xAllegiancex PvP Tournament Announced!
Two More Promoted on the NA Side
NA Central Promotion Announced!
June 2015
NA Admin Steps down
Tournament Award Winners!!! (This is a bit late)
How your Rank will show on the Website
the NA Side gets some Singapore flavor
xAllegiancex NA Promotion in Mexico!!
New PvE Rank Added!!
NA West Promotion!
With another NA Step Down Comes another Promotion!
xAx PvP Ranking System Adjustment
May 2015
xAx NA Central Sees Another Promotion!
xAx Creates a PvP Ranking System
xAx NA Central Gets an Admin
April 2015
House of Wolves Officially Announced!!!!
Promotion in the NA Main Roster
xAllegiancex Speed Raid Run Tournament Schedule
xAllegiancex Speed Raid Run Kick Off Show
Caged Leaves us.
xAllegiancex Facebook Page!!
Clans of Destiny Registration
xAx Time Zone Issues on Site
xAllegiancex UK!
March 2015
EUAUS Daylight Savings Time Instructions
indy4life steps down
Two More Admins Promoted
xAllegiancex NA Promotion!
5 Days Left! Recruitment Contest
xAllegiancex's First Tournament!
xAx Merchandise Store!
Recruitment Contest So Far
xAllegiancex Bank
February 2015
xAx Graphics Designers!
Two More Promotions!
xAx's Feb. Recruitment Contest
Another Promotion!
from $450 - $1000
Goal Obtained!
A Gift For Completing the Recruitment Application
xAx Admin Step Down
xAllegiancex Monthly Administrator Meeting Recap
Another U.S xAx Admin Steps Down
xAx Ambassadors
Promotions and Stepdowns 2/9/15
xAx Merchandise Store is Up!
January 2015
Promotion and One Resignation on the EUAUS side
Ranking Systems Frozen till February
Roster Cleanouts Complete
2 More Step Downs
2 Step Downs in EUAUS and One Promotion
December 2014
xAllegiancex Donations
xAllegiancex Member Promoted!!
xAllegiancex NA West Admin Steps Down
Best of xAx September
NA Central
Division of the Month

Dark-KNIGHT9767 (AusAPAC)
Admin of the Month


Member of the Month
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