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PS4 Boolywooger 11:49 AM
I can do those. I need to do them with my titan and hunter.
PS4 strato_chief62 11:47 AM
@ Boolywooger I think we're doing blue and green missons first
PS4 Boolywooger 11:45 AM
I'll help, I need the NF myself, if you're willing.
PS4 strato_chief62 11:31 AM
Sticky_Indica and I could use one more person. anyone interested?
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 11:20 AM
it wouldnt let me join it
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 11:19 AM
PS4 DevMacK13 11:19 AM
Sticky Do you have discord?
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 11:17 AM
u still there?
PS4 strato_chief62 11:13 AM
@ Sticky_Indica89 I can help, FR me on psn, but I need some lunch first,give me a few minutes
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 10:56 AM
Need help doing the missions for the solstice gear, can anyone help?
PS4 Xa-kilaX 5:52 AM
need help with redux mission
PS4 Monkey831518 3:25 AM
Thanks for the raids tonight Padose. Had a great time, learn something new each time. Love that you guys take the time to teach us how to run the raids
PS4 Xa-kilaX 2:37 AM
@ strato_chief62 Yes i still need help
PS4 Idan709 12:56 AM
IB anyone?
PS4 A7X-The-Rev363 12:34 AM
Padose, thank you for the raid run. It was nice playing with you guys
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 12:20 AM
Message me on PSN if you wanna do the solstice gear missions sometime, psn is the same name as on here
PS4 Sticky_Indica89 12:18 AM
Anyone want to help me do the missions for the solstice gear?
PS4 shogun6x 10:29 PM
room for 1 for IB starting now
xAx GENERAL_ZOD_O10 16th Aug
http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/78614/1 1 More for EOW NM starting in 50min
PS4 shogun6x 16th Aug
IB event starting in 1 hr guaranteed awesomeness!!!! http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/78750/1
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