Chat Box
PS4 NecroBlabe 5:14 PM
lol jk welcome to the texas region navyman
PS4 NecroBlabe 5:13 PM
Texas gets another cog I mean meat shie errrr person?
xAx darkgoldenwolf 4:59 PM
will pop up in your inbox. or the red flashing !
PS4 Navyman763397 4:56 PM
Where do i ccheck pm
PS4 spade05 4:54 PM
ty dark
xAx darkgoldenwolf 4:54 PM
memebrship accepted. sending you a PM with some info.
PS4 Navyman763397 4:53 PM
so how do i do the thing
PS4 Navyman763397 4:53 PM
xAx darkgoldenwolf 4:52 PM
welcome navyman. acceptedinto texas
xAx darkgoldenwolf 4:50 PM
cool. thanks
PS4 spade05 4:49 PM
navyman is texas dark
xAx darkgoldenwolf 4:48 PM
killam, what division are you in? and are your tags set?
PS4 Navyman763397 4:44 PM
PS4 killamwarrior13 4:19 PM
can i get a admin to change my rank?
PS4 killamwarrior13 4:18 PM
hows it going everyone long time no see
PS4 Madame_Breezy 3:53 PM
Can I request a Levi for 8pm EST
PS4 Smoovekilla13048 1:57 PM
Anyone for nightfall need 2
PS4 Madame_Breezy 12:37 PM
Any admins wanna post a 8pm EST levi?
PS4 spade05 8:03 AM
need 1 more for levi nm in 3 hours http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/74541/1
PS4 Tchpe 7:11 AM
@TJ Thanks!
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