Chat Box
PS4 monkeyybuttz 4:13 PM
alright, good luck!
PS4 rej9101 4:10 PM
I think we're good now
PS4 monkeyybuttz 4:08 PM
i'm down if you're still looking rej
PS4 rej9101 4:06 PM
Need 1 for trials
PS4 Fezzdawg1 4:01 PM
Woop woop! Finally did it!
PS4 Swedish5 4:00 PM
Duces, you looking to deactivate your account and leave?
PS4 Swedish5 4:00 PM
There will be more raids once admins get clears and start posting. Always takes some time after a new raid drops
PS4 Acesduces 3:55 PM
How do I delete this acount
PS4 massmurder101 3:52 PM
ima have to guided games a raid this week. i havent seen a single leviathan that wasnt already full...
PS4 monkeyybuttz 3:07 PM
anyone for trials?
PS4 Fezzdawg1 2:40 PM
If you are invited it is because they are at fag end of raid and already getting annoyed with one another.
PS4 Fezzdawg1 2:40 PM
TBH I'm pretty decent in ther shadowrealm. But a perfect run just hasn't come together. Problem with joining PUGs at final boss is usually
PS4 monkeyybuttz 2:38 PM
there's a learning curve
PS4 monkeyybuttz 2:38 PM
give it a few weeks and people will be zipping through it
PS4 Fezzdawg1 2:37 PM
The annoying thing is I'd gotten my role down pat. Hadn't caused a wipe all night. Then on what we all agreed was final go we were nailing it. First damage phase excellent then on for a 2 phase finish. And for the first time all night I missed my effing call and it was all my fault. I'm so pissed of
PS4 Fezzdawg1 2:33 PM
I'm so depressed about this bloody raid and Calus I think I am doomed to never finish it...
PS4 JimBiLity 2:16 PM
need 2 more for trials
PS4 Nemesis0Jackal 2:12 PM
Anybody wanto to do Nightfall?
PS4 monkeyybuttz 2:11 PM
i'm just exploring the tunnels of the leviathan
PS4 monkeyybuttz 2:08 PM
i'm down for trials
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