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Alpha Male has an okay day
Jizz Stein 4th Jan 2017
So today I woke up, did a hard mode Wrath of the Machine raid with some tards. I woke up really late, so I had lunch at like 1700 (translate that shit from military time). My girlfriend left me a text message, but I decided to ignore it LMAOOOOOO. Tomorrow is her birthday, so I guess I will respond then. Don't tell her. Anyway,  I went to 7-Eleven to get their Iced Coffee as I usually do, but last time I did, I got fucked up bad. I'm talking food poisoning that nearly had me screaming all night. So, I did a detour, and went to McGetFuck'd and got an McFlurry. It's a miracle, I know! Their ice cream machine wasn't broken. Then I came back and did ALL my exotic sword quests when it became Armsday. Anyfuqs, I'm off to bed. Goodnight xAx. 
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