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Someone help me understand
Penehoff 25th Jan 2017
I am 43 years old and absolutely love destiny. I want to be the best and be very competitive. 

I need help understanding somethings. I run a warlock voidwalker class. Ishtar commander says my gear is gold rated, i am light 400 level 40.  I am starting notice that i can unload a full clip in someones face and head with little or no damage but at the same time i am getting 2 and or 3 shots hiting me and i am dieing. I am unloading and people are able to run at me and kill me but if i run i get killed instantly. 

"Use pulse rifles" thats what am being told. I cant , i am not a young man i have a touch of aurthoritus so my finger flexing to shoot is slower, hince the reason why i like auto rifles. "Use shotgun" , i cant and i cant explain why except for the fact that it feels way awkward and when i shoot it i feel like i am retarded.

I usually average about 3400 points in control and 1400 points in clash which from what i know is pretty good but here lately like i said its way harder to kill anyone and way to easy to get killed. 

Can someone explain to me something other then:
Use pulse rifles
Use shotguns

I am sorry but there got to be more to it, i never had this problem before till after the dawning.

Here's a video of a match after the dawning, maybe someone can see something i cant.

PS4 taztiger666 25th Feb 2017
Ican sympathise with you on every level after seeing this video.Like you i prefer autos and the best so far for me was the suros regime which as you know cuts through enemies in pvp.The problem is bungie don`t just play around with the weapon settings all the time but the character settings too.Ihad the same with my hunter on arc.
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