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Epilogue: Finale
TrickySticky559 19th Mar 2016
It happened so quickly. I didn’t have time to react.

The door behind me quickly closed, locking me inside. I didn’t have to turn around to know it had sealed firmly shut behind me; I felt the last few gasps of air rush under and through me as the sudden movement of the door created a vacuum of air, the air gushing through the gap as if it knew it would be forever trapped if it did not get out now.

In front of me, stood a stone pillar, with ten harpies poised above it, in a firing line, lasers beginning to glow with a red hue that overwhelmed the room with a red tint.

I looked down at my rifle. My weapon. My tool. My instrument of destruction and salvation. It was ready. I was ready. I quickly mumbled a small prayer as I began to get ready and fight for battle.

I am the forgotten, I am the unknown. I am the past as well as the future. I am the reason why there was, is, will be, and has been a war, and I am the reason why we will survive it.

My name is Praedyth. And this my story of how I have, will and will have died.

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