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Chapter 1
TrickySticky559 21st Mar 2016

I assume my life was just as simple as everyone elses’ post-collapse.  Fighting for food, migrating from place to place looking for supplies.

It wasn’t until I came upon the body of a guardian who had fallen off a cliff, his legs shattered, his knee caps busted, that I was able to get safe passage and direction to the last city.  The guardian who I saved, later to be known as Cayde-6, introduced me to Ikora Rey, whom was my mentor. She was brand new to the Vanguard, but saw potential in me.

She challenged me with problems, riddled me with puzzles that had no solution, and tormented me in the strictest way possible, while maintaining the highest sense of professionalism. She knew when I wasn’t giving it my all, and made me draw from my depths of my soul every time I got up.

It all culminated on a cold March winter day.

The seasons had been prolonged due to the collapse; spring and fall were mere weeks rather than full on seasons. We were into the middle of one of her practice exercises. She had me throw rocks at a circular target, and attempt to place a wisp of light into the rock. If the rock contained a wisp of light, it would stick to the target. The practice was two-fold; target practice, and placing light energy into objects.

I knew this drill all too well.

The snow was beginning to cloud the target. It was the kind of snow that seemed to come up from everywhere, even the ground. Even putting a hand up didn’t do much of anything.

“Remember to focus on the wisp in the center of your palm, feel it move from your hand to the object, then once you’ve felt it anchor; release it!” Ikora instructed.

She felt like she was a backseat driver with how common place this training had been.

I closed my eyes and felt the cold sprinkle of snow gently fall into my hair and face. The cold air biting the sensation of feeling on my skin. I focused and felt the glow of my soul, deep deep within my person. I placed my hand right in front of my heart, as if to tear it out and place the glowing vortex of light around the rock.

As I could feel the storm building up inside, I felt the tornado of light spin faster and faster, rougher, like a tornado of razor blades. I kept trying to push it forward, move it, make it go faster. I kept pushing as hard as I could, until I couldn’t anymore. I visualized the tornado transferring from myself to the rock, slowly winding down into a circular turbine of light. As I did this, I simultaneously aim, and let the rock fly from my hand threw the air towards the snow covered target.

The rock bounced off the target like it was made of rubber,rocketing it and sending it streaking high into the sky.

“That was messy, you need to-“

“I know what I need to do!” I barked. Ikora stepped back like she had been slapped, face drooped in shock.

“Quit trying to rush things and do it right the first time. You may only get one shot; sometimes not even one.” Ikora responded quietly.

This was the first time she had heard Ikora respond so softly. Why was she acting like this? She seemed disappointed.

“You’ve been doing this for quite sometime [REDACTED], perhaps you should give it a rest? Not everyone is cut out to be a guardian. There’s no dishonor in that.”

Suddenly time stopped. The snow seemed to hang in the frozen air; I couldn’t even breathe. The words kept cycling in my head like they were apart of the tornado and I was the eye of the storm.

Not everyone is cut out to be a guardian…

It just kept repeating. Over and over, like a far off bell, slowly getting louder and louder, as you realize it’s an alarm to a bad dream.

I grabbed a rock from the basket. It was in my hand. I starred down at it, examining it.

Am I just as insignificant as this rock? Why did I make it out alive?

Not everyone is cut out to be a guardian…


I threw the rock as hard as I could. My vision was blank, my world was mute, and my mouth was dry. I didn't even know where I was letting it fly.

The rock exploded from my hand with a stream of fire flowing behind it, following and circling the rock like I had imagined before. The fire lighting up the area, the temperature evaporating the snow off my face and the immediate area.

The rock landed 30 feet to the right of the target, leaving a giant geyser of stream from the rock melting the snow. The target had still been singed by the initial blast.

“Looks like someone has promise.” Ikora said dryly, a smile painted across her face. She turned and walked to the exit of the training area.

“You’ve got potential. But tomorrow we will work harder.”

I hadn't noticed until after she was done speaking, but suddenly I became full aware: my body ached, my stomach had cramped, my mouth was dry, and I was pretty sure my eyelids had become burned from the blast. I feel to my knees, unable to keep my balance. It felt like I was withering away, as if I had used all the energy within myself to fire the blast.

“What do you mean?” I managed to gasp out.

“Tonight, you set a rock on fire. Tomorrow, you’ll become fire.”

TremblonX 21st Mar 2016
Our Guardian-in-training seems to be having the potential to become a Sunsinger. Ikora's student huh... Carry on with the story. I would like to see more of it!
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