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KF Heroic - "A Sit Down With The General" Blog #1
GENERAL_ZOD_O10 27th Oct 2015
10/20 - 10/26

Well guys, here it is. My weekly blog. As much as I love Koles book, I can't have her take over all the blog forums all to herself. Selfish Kole. lol. Anyways, these weekly blogs will mostly give out a small recap of my events throughout the week and the shannanegins that go on within those event. Don't believe me? Just check out the xAx twitch streams. Also, just to make it clear;  I will not be getting  personal with these. Don't know if your all ready for that. 

Anyways, Kings Fall Heroic droped last Friday. I am proud to say I was able to clear it twice. Very proud of the team I went in with. How could I not be, we were clan first! Our first attempt took us about 4.5 hours and the second about 3.5. 
So what worked? Well a couple of things. First of all, the team I went in with had a lot of experienced and a lot of completions in the Kings Fall Raid. We grinded for gear In Kings Fall  on a weekly basis. And yes, it was a very frustrating experienced on a weekly basis. I couldn't tell you how many times I hoped and prayed to the RNG Gods to drop a ghost of light lv 310. Never happened. Never saw a ghost with a higher light lv of 304 drop for me. 

Despite not getting the ghost I wanted I was able to accumulate high level gear and weapons by grinding the hell out of the raid. This brings me to my second point. The team I went in with had light levels of 308 + heading into heroic. Light level is just that big of a factor. Now what you all need to understand is we were all light level 308+ but we also had Attack lv weapons of 308+ as well. That only happened because we grinded for gear and weapons in the normal mode. Personally, I used a lot of the weapons that droped for me in the raid and infused them with my favorite weapons in my arsenal. 

A big problem that I'm seeing with the heroic raid is people with low light level getting into the raid in hopes to get high level gear so that they can bump their light level up. Yes, your light level will go up. But you still won't be well equipped. Despite your light level being "appropriate", you could still be lacking in other areas. For instance. I once jumped in a heroic raid where 2 people had light levels of 308 heading into oryx, but had weapons with Attack lvs of 300-306. They had accumulated gear in the heroic to bring their light level up but they were still severely underpowered. Another example would be my Titan. My Titan has a light lv of 308, and I still have an artifact of light level 296 equipped. Why? Simply because I was being to lazy to redo the entire story line for the third time so I never picked up my 310 artifact. My point is, don't be fooled into thinking your going to be well prepared because you meet the light level requirement after picking up that sweet 318-320 defensive lv armor loot. 

This brings me to my third point. Oryx is just to damn hard if you walk in there with little experienced and light levels of 310 and below. I have spent over 14 hours now in the heroic KF raid. I have given it 5 full attempts from start to Oryx. Out of those 5 attempts, only 2 were completions. I love raiding. But there's nothing more frustrating to me when I go into the raid expecting a completion and coming out failing. A lot of members in the clan have attempted the raid all the way up to Oryx and then called it because they know they don't have the light lv for it. So essentially, we are seeing KF heroic attempts only specified up to oryx and nothing else. I think that's frustrating. But I do get it. Everybody wants to give it a shot. And I think they should. But it would be more beneficial for you and your Fireteam to walk in there fully prepared. Their is nothing wrong with continuing to do the raid on normal until your fully prepared. 

As far as my final thoughts go, I'll leave you with this. A couple of weeks back Bungie revealed the statistics for Attempts/Completions for KF. Out of all the people who have set foot or attempted the KF raid, only 38% walked out with a completion. Don't believe me? Check out your PSN trophies for destiny. Only 6.9% of people have the trophies for a Kings Fall completion. Our clan has a completion rate of KF events of 85-90%. Kings fall is a tough raid for several reasons and not necessarily because of its difficulty level. Regardless, I am proud of the work everybody in the clan is producing with these events. That's what separates us from LFG. We get it done. So continue to raid, get fully geared. Tackle heroic. It's only a matter of time before I start hosting them. 

indy4life765 28th Oct 2015
I went into the hard mode raid Friday and let me tell you it was an experience. Me and the team I took in was all really under light level expectations but knocked most of the raid out of the park. We kicked the warpriest's ass on a few attempts and made it past golgoroth with some effort, but still got it done. The sisters seemed to be the easier part of the bosses for whatever reason, but Oryx is a totally other thing. I was one of the higher light levels on my team and I was only 308 when we made it to Oryx. I feel like I had an exceptional team, but we couldn't touch Oryx. Zod is right, you have to have the right gear to get it done.
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Shadowchaser72 27th Oct 2015
Awesome write up Zod,
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PS4 EvangelistMK2 27th Oct 2015
I enjoyed reading this. I may need to start a blog pretty soon myself. Just gotta decide what kind of format I wanna go with and what it should primarily be about.
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xtank1x 27th Oct 2015
Nice read zod. And feel free to name me or poke fun. All good man. Look forward to the next one.....after the halloween raid. Lmao
Like (1) · Comments (0)
subfm 27th Oct 2015
Awesome blog there ZOD some great advice!! Looking forward to tackling oryx in HM
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Liquidzxy 27th Oct 2015
Not bad Zod. The light level part is KEY for heroic especially at the Oryx.
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