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PS4 Frequenzy91 3:58 AM
Is anyone organising a NM levi by chance between now and 6 hours ahead from now?
PS4 SGT Angry 2:26 AM
Looking for 1, nightfalls, DFA can be yours!
PS4 SGT Angry 1:55 AM
Anmyone for NF speed runs? Or points runs?
PS4 Stern-Black 12:25 AM
3 slots available for iron banner in 30 minutes
PS4 Stalker0021 12:06 AM
Baaama where are you?
PS4 Scobro-32 11:46 PM
plate it was pvp, had a no show
PS4 platecrusher 10:31 PM
for what scobro
PS4 Scobro-32 9:57 PM
pvp not ovo
PS4 Scobro-32 9:57 PM
room for 1 more ovo right now
PS4 SGT Angry 9:29 PM
PS4 SGT Angry 9:28 PM
1 sec
PS4 platecrusher 9:27 PM
psn platecrusher
PS4 platecrusher 9:27 PM
sgt angry lets gooooo
PS4 platecrusher 9:25 PM
need 1 more for nf
PS4 SGT Angry 9:14 PM
I need a quick NF on my Titan (i'm terrible) and then would love to do a points run on the NF
PS4 SGT Angry 9:13 PM
Hi everyone!!
xAx TPaz117 8:32 PM
Doesn't exist YET. Stevie had to get everything set up first. Expect to hear more soon.
Crysnos 7:34 PM
hey, were do we join the PC CLan ?
XB1 itsmeBEEx 6:19 PM
hey everyone
PS4 ExReaperXxOmega 6:14 PM
I was more so thinking we get the 31min team together again and beat our time on stream @death
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