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PS4 madhu000 2:34 AM
Anyone down for a nightfall need 2, send me request
PS4 CoffinCheaterINC 2:23 AM
if i can get a couple VOG pros in these that would be cool, thanks
Anybody free to help out ... with Gorgon Challenge? Got the check point ... or if anyone needs it
PS4 SteelAngels88 1:50 AM
Nog Thanks to all who helped kill Crota just now for the 3rd part of the Farewell to Destiny event!
PS4 Sp33dy_MrSpock 12:18 AM
Need two more for a crotas end in 15 minutes!
PS4 Sp33dy_MrSpock 12:16 AM
Bungie... Enough said
Bungie is doing stuff for d2
PS4 aBoxOfMints 12:07 AM
quick question, is something going on with the clans? I signed on to Destiny today to find that xax for TX isn't my clan anymore?
PS4 Sp33dy_MrSpock 12:02 AM
Better question is where you at bull?
Slyder where you at?
PS4 SLYDER2442 11:54 PM
hey find a 6th to help bust up this gorgon smuggling ring with us?
PS4 Pvt_McAwesum 11:52 PM
i agree slyder lol
PS4 SLYDER2442 11:46 PM
PS4 SLYDER2442 11:46 PM
not too sound too much like a princes...but this going to the tower to swap gear is soooo 2014
PS4 SLYDER2442 11:41 PM
lol sooo true
As slyder says ... #27 in your program, #1 in our hearts
PS4 Pvt_McAwesum 11:23 PM
aww thanks datsokoo
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55 minutes ago PS4 SteelAngels88
1 more point until 50 raid points. I would not have thought this possible and am very happy I joined the best clan in this great community! Thx xAx all!
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