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PS4 wytelytning22 3:32 PM
Thanks for everyone who joindled my Gambit Events!! It was fun!! Hope to have you all again soon!
xAx Vysi 3:06 PM
@Archer what division were you in?
PC Archer#13208 2:55 PM
hey i forgot to sign in and i was kicked. can i be reinstated?
PS4 St1cky_Nuts__ 12:40 PM
1.5 minutes
PS4 St1cky_Nuts__ 12:40 PM
sitting on the blight for whisper join now if you need it
PS4 darren7721 11:32 AM
For those who have not yet seen it, PS has a $20 off Black Friday deal on for your PS Plus subscription for the year for renewal. Save $....
PS4 Stern-Black 12:58 AM
anyone up for an hour of iron banner?
PS4 Bobbybeas2 17th Nov
id join but I can't get my mic to work
PS4 Pipes155178 17th Nov
I got you Gninja.... we gonna wreck Calus!!!!
PS4 GNinja 17th Nov
we need more people for the leviathan training raid
PS4 Jriley1990 17th Nov
Yea i joined that one
PS4 GNinja 17th Nov
its with spade
PS4 GNinja 17th Nov
we still need people to
PS4 GNinja 17th Nov
starts at 10:00pm
PS4 Jriley1990 17th Nov
G you still need sone ppl and when does it start?
PS4 GNinja 17th Nov
we need people for the trainiing leviatian
PS4 Kausali 17th Nov
have NorthwestClass with me, would like another if any can
PS4 Kausali 17th Nov
Anyone wanna do the Corrupted mission with me?
PC Revenge 17th Nov
is there a allegiance west for d2 pc?
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