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PS4 shadowxxclone 2:51 PM
nice, one more for NF then?
PS4 Mjr_Matthews 2:49 PM
ill jump in on the nf shadow
PS4 shadowxxclone 2:47 PM
NF anyone?
PS4 KittenWars666 2:29 PM
Send me a psn if so
PS4 KittenWars666 2:28 PM
Anyone up for a nf run?
Psn-supahninja11223 1:08 PM
Anyone have to do the imperial invitation quest?
PS4 Fezzdawg1 11:40 AM
Anyone down for a NF or two?
PS4 Soaringeagle1419 9:36 AM
Heroic strikes anyone
PS4 Penehoff 8:45 AM
PS4 PROTOdirt 8:18 AM
Good morning
PS4 oOZebedeeOo 4:55 AM
I’m in mate
PS4 Dark-KNIGHT9767 4:21 AM
looking for 3 for my raid in 2 hours http://www.xallegiancex.c ... om/event/70118/1
PS4 kodabug98 2:24 AM
PS4 XDarkXCrossX 2:22 AM
PS4 kodabug98 1:43 AM
ill do nf
PS4 KittenWars666 1:33 AM
Anyone wanna do nf?
PS4 Anuboy268 1:21 AM
PS4 Penehoff 1:21 AM
gives aragorn hes right hand , dont know how much it will help but there ya go
XB1 Aragorn66J 12:45 AM
Anyone one that could lend a hand with the Arms Dealer strike quest step?
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WELCOME to the official site of xAllegiancex! This is our clan's center of operations. Here you will have access to everything xAllegiancex related such as scheduled events, activities, tournaments and News Posts.

Want Some Awesome Discounts on Product Lines? Click on the Hyper Links Below the Image Profiles and in the shop use the xAllegiancex Clan Code: xAx for an Awesome Clan % Discount To Take Effect!

xAllegiancex is currently a PS4 and XB1 Destiny Community. Our Mission is to help anyone and everyone we possibly can. Everybody is always welcome; from those less experienced that need help to those more experienced that like to help others. We also pride ourselves in creating social relationships both personally and gaming wise within our community. xAllegiancex is committed to the very people it’s made of because without them we would be nothing. We strive to help each and every one of our clan mates to better themselves.  We always hunger to make ourselves the best we can possibly be as players and as a gaming community.
Friendliness, helpfulness, respect and loyalty are the key pillars of what makes us a solid group and we seek people who are respectful, mature, and helpful in nature. If you have a xAllegiancex tag we treat you like you're one of our own, regardless of if you’ve been with the community for 8 months or 8 days. This will never change, for we are as loyal to our virtues as we are to each other. We thrive on the need to help anyone who asks for it, from learning aspects of a Raid to practicing in Crucible or Trials.

We boast 575+ events per month on our calendar, an Official Podcast that has prominent Destiny guest hosts each week on our xAllegiancexTV Twitch feed and we have a thriving website. Our Leadership Team and Administrators always have a helping mentality. Our goal is to be one of the best Destiny communities in the world, and we will not stop until we get there. We have a passionate membership group that loves and adores our community, and we have the infrastructure to last a long time! So if you’re looking to build lifelong social relationships with other Guardians, this community is the right one for you.


Thanks you so much for choosing xAllegiancex as your gaming community. We very much appreciate it. There are a few things you will need to do prior to getting out into the battlefield with your fellow clan mates!

The whole process is as follows:
  1. Apply to the correct xAx Division on and set your clan tags
  2. Register to the website to create a profile.
  3. Complete an Application Form to gain full access the website.

(Both Application and Registration forms can be found after selecting your console below).

To get started, first select your system:

You can’t have a good clan without good leadership, and we have some exceptional individuals that have dedicated a whole lot of their time and efforts to this clan!

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PSN: darkgoldenwolf
PSN: Hzarz_Kar
PSN: Xilgorn
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PSN: Karyu0219
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XB1: Tpaz117

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